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Looking for a business Travel Counsellor? You can find more about how we can help here
Looking for a business Travel Counsellor? You can find more about how we can help here

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  • Blanka Sabey

    +971502182388 Abu Dhabi

    Welcome to a world of endless exploration, where the wanderlust in your heart meets the magic of discovery.
    From an early age, I was captivated by the the excitement of discovering new places and the joy of exploring far-off destinations. Born in t...

  • Pamela Glazier

    +971529649740 Dubai

    Hi, I’m Pamela, your personal travel advisor, and I'm excited to embark on this journey with you. Whether you're dreaming of a tranquil beach getaway, an exhilarating adventure, or immersing yourself in local culture, I’m here to turn your travel dr...

  • Shehab Moosa

    +971 544507060 Dirah Mirdif

    Worried about choosing the perfect travel destinations? Or overthinking on planning a proper itinerary? Or tired of getting overpriced packages?
    My name is Shehab , and just leave it to me! As your travel counsellor with more than 10 years of experi...

  • Amy Mardon

    +971558375837 Dubai

    Hello! I am your local travel counsellor serving The Palm & beyond here in the UAE, and I am so excited to share my passion for travel with you. As a British expat, I have been living in the UAE for the last 14 years with my husband, daughter, and o...

  • Laila Zentar

    +971501198113 Dubai

    Well, I am Laila I am a Travel Counsellor based in Dubai.
    With the experience of over many years in the travel industry and airlines in Dubai and with a multicultural environment, I have gained considerable knowledge and have exceptional experienc...

  • Stephanie Neuer

    +971565098405 Dubai

    Dear Traveler, welcome!
    I specialize in crafting travel experiences that are unique. I search the world for the most intriguing and distinctive locations, and I collaborate closely with each client to make sure that their trip is exactly what makes...

  • Sulya Jefferies

    +971509507117 Dubai

    “Even if some borders may be closed – let me help to open the world for You!”
    A very warm welcome; I am Sulya. My wish is to create unforgettable memories - by putting together the pitch-perfect trip; tailored around YOUR needs.
    I lived, studied a...

  • Hazel Vetere

    +971585429357 Al Barsha

    Marhaba! (Hello!)
    Thanks for checking out my page.
    Now you’re here, you probably want to know a little bit about me and why you should make your travel arrangements with me?
    I love to travel, to explore new places, spend time with my family or j...

  • Gill Finnigan

    +971 585664394 Victory Heights, Dubai

    Hello and thank you for visiting my page. I’m Gill your personal Travel Agent with Travel Counsellors.
    I’ve lived in Dubai for just over 3 years, having moved from a beautiful village called Windlesham in Surrey with my husband and our son who is...

  • Joanne Hay

    +971 553738610 Dubai

    Hello, thank you so much for visiting my page. My name is Joanne and live here in Dubai and have been here for ten years with my family. I started working in travel 25 years ago where I worked for a major airline before joining a well-known travel ...

  • Beena Parekh-Uella

    +971506475379 Dubai

    With my passion for travel, I have been lucky enough to have travelled to more than 25 countries Including my favourite destinations in Asia and the Indian Ocean – Thailand, Mauritius, and the Maldives. Have been in the travel industry for over 10 y...

  • Sarah Flint

    0556184164 Dubai

    Firstly, thank you for coming to my page. Since you’re here, I’m guessing we have already got something in common - TRAVEL!
    My obsession started with my first job as a Travel Agent at the age of [17] and since then I have been discovering new plac...

  • Mercedes Basutto

    +971553719863 Dubai

    I am 24/7 and the best part is that I take care of you very personally.
    For 14 years I have been living life in the Middle East and counting ... A truly Dubai expert.
    Having travelled to over 80 countries worldwide as a cabin crew with a pr...

  • Ceylan Yenis

    +971526163493 Dubai

    Work for a better life, and Travel for a better YOU!
    Hello and welcome to my travel page, my name is Ceylan. I am from Turkey a country of amazing history, architecture, nature, culture and much more. I have been in Dubai for the last 10 years en...

  • Veneza Bowen

    +971504700969 Dubai

    Hello and welcome to my website.
    With a rich history spanning three decades, I bring a wealth of experience as a proficient Travel & Tourism Management professional. My expertise lies in delivering unparalleled customer service, ensuring client con...

  • Varsha Pherwani

    +971564993060 JBR

    Hi, I am Varsha.
    With over 40 countries under my belt and counting, my love of travel knows no bounds. I have been a Travel Counsellor with Travel Counsellors for over six years now sharing my expertise with other travellers and helping them org...

  • Hessa Murad

    0507446688 Dubai

    Hello! My name is Hessa Murad and I am an Emirati-born and based travel blogger who has a passion for exploring our beautiful planet Earth. This passion has urged me to jump on many planes, visit over 40 countries, and venture through various landsc...

  • Munira Ishak

    +971563022743 Dubai

    Hello travellers.
    I am originally from Sabah, East Malaysia, more popularly known as North Borneo. In the 80s, the roads in Sabah were not well developed and being that Borneo is an island, I have always travelled on the plane since I was an infan...

  • Neelima Tandon

    +971 526310608 Layan Community

    ‘’The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page ‘’ – Saint Augustine
    Hello, my name is Neelima and welcome to my webpage. I hail from India – the land of vibrant colors, street food, history and beautiful festivals! Today Dubai...

  • Joanna Spruce

    +971(0)509008032 The Greens

    Hello and very warm welcome to my website!
    My website is packed with information on offers, destinations and blogs, please have a look and see what inspires and interests you! There is also a video from me outlining what it is I do as a Travel Coun...