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As a child of expat parents, I had the opportunity to travel, live and visit many different countries. Chance would have it that when I met my husband, work took us to several other countries and together, we developed a passion for seeking adventure and experiences in new places. I have had the privilege of travelling to over 40 countries and living in 7 countries.

Though my children are now adults, we have maintained our tradition of doing regular family holidays. Planning complex itineraries for a family of five with different tastes can be tricky, yet it’s my speciality! Our latest trip to Peru was a dream come true as we were finally able to tick Machu Picchu off our bucket list! My best reward is the family memories we have made and the unique stories we returned with. I also love to travel with friends and have been lucky to go to a few wellness retreats, which were fantastic experiences.

When people around me started coming to me for advice on planning their journeys, I decided to take the leap to become a travel agent to combine my expertise with my passion for travel! This led me to join the team at Travel Counsellors, a global company with award-winning customer service and 100% financial protection.

I have been in the UAE for over ten years and the exciting multicultural environment has further fueled my curiosity to travel and discover new destinations. I love being thrust out of my comfort zone by immersing myself in different cultures and trying new cuisines and activities that challenge me! I am an entrepreneur with a solid experience in customer service and I have excellent communication skills in English, Arabic and French. My passion for travel drives me to stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry.

Holidays are the few moments we switch off from our daily stress. It is essential for me that my clients enjoy their journey and have a smooth experience without having to worry about planning. I encourage my clients to discover new places, experiences, and things about themselves they didn't know before. If they return feeling refreshed and energetic, I know I did a good job!

I am thrilled to put the knowledge and experience I have gained at your service. Whether you are looking for a family holiday, planning your honeymoon, a trip with your friends, or a wellness retreat, I guarantee you a bespoke service from start to end. Please think of me as your personal travel agent. So where are you headed next, and how can I help?


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