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'The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page '
Augustine de Hippo

My name is Rana, and I am a travel counsellor based in Dubai. I've been calling Dubai home for over five years now, ever since My husband and I decided to move over from Texas with our two children.

The diversity that Dubai offers and the exposure to various nationalities significantly increased my interest in exploring new places and learning about different cultures from across the world; hence the total shift in my career from banking and finance into the travel business.

My goal as a travel counsellor is to help my customers turn their dreams into unforgettable memories and that's why I am fully dedicated to planning trips according to my customers likings and preferences.

I aim to make a difference in everything that I do and I would make it my utmost priority to change the way you travel. Therefore, if you've been dreaming about a new journey or adventure, get in touch with me and I promise that soon you will stop calling it a dream and start calling it a plan !


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Whatever your holiday needs I'm here to help you, so simply give me a call or send me an email with your contact details on and I can get things started for you:

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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

Let me plan your honeymoon

03 March 2021

Your honeymoon should be the most magical holiday of your life, giving you time to unwind and enjoy each other's company after all the excitement of your wedding day. It is not always easy with all the wedding preparations in full swing to also find the time and patience to plan your honeymoon properly. Sometimes couples even forget or postpone planning, ending up with little choice. Where to start? How to find the perfect place? What budget do I need or have? What looks good online may not be so in reality - and where to go? Especially if both of you have a different idea of your perfect honeymoon. You want your honeymoon to be perfect, because it’s a once in a lifetime trip! And just as your choice of venue for your wedding day reflects your own personalities, you'll want a honeymoon destination that suits you both. Remember - there is no obligation to lie on a beach for two weeks! And nothing speaks against combining two or three destinations, or climbing a mountain. A honeymoon is your personal dream holiday. Let me help you find & plan your honeymoon – let me take the stress out of your planning.

Bali – Island of the Gods

03 March 2021

Bali is a beautiful and magical Island. Wonderfully friendly people, magical stories and local customs, temples and rice fields, beaches, diving and surfing, mountains, volcanoes and waterfalls, busy nightlife or secluded resorts. To experience Balinese life, a few days in 2 or 3 different areas of Bali would be best. Ubud is a must though - the cultural center inland not to be missed! Ubud is famous for health retreats, relaxation, rice paddies or the art scene of Bali, and has recently also evolved into a foodie destination. It is hard to describe Bali and there is no single best thing to do, because everything is equally great. Bali is very different from the rest of Indonesia and while it is a more touristic place than the other islands, in my opinion it has more charm. From Bali, it is quite easy to do some side trips to neighboring islands like Lombok, the Gili Islands or a bit further to where the Komodo dragons still roam. On the main island of Java, you can see Borobudur near Yogyakarta, a World Heritage listed site, and one of the most important Buddhist temples in the world. You can also explore the rest of Indonesia, a vast island nation. Bali can also be combined with a stopover in one of the Asian cities and airline hubs like Singapore or Kuala Lumpur to break the journey. Top Tip: Try to catch a Balinese ceremony (there are many throughout the year).