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Thank you for stopping by, I'm very pleased to share my passion & dreams for travel that all have started at a very young age when I was just about 5 years old kid!!

I still remember spending hours flipping pages of my dad's Travels Photo Album, looking at different places & feeling the excitement, thrill and wonders of this magical world. My only dream since I was a small kid is to travel the world!!! growing older as a teenager, I would go and study on the rooftop at night to watch Airplanes blinking at me with tiny lights from a distance, drawing white straight lines in the sky making my heart jump of excitement dreaming of being there one day ….. in the sky.

Today, I feel super fortunate, blessed & proud that I have got the opportunity through my 15 years career experience in Travel & Hospitality to visit more than 50% of the globe. Although I might not have been yet to the other half of the glob, however, thanks to education, knowledge & passion, I've created amazing experiences for honeymooners, families, winter/ski holiday makers, adventures junkies or just sun & sky lovers. During my 10 years work experience with Emirates Airlines, I have designed great memories for Royal Families, VIP's & IO Members (Emirates Invitation Only Members), manifesting ''out of the world'' travel ideas whether it is to some of the most exotic places a man would ever imagine, a frozen lands expeditions, personalized & exclusive shopping trips, or as simple as staying on a private island, and many more of what this beautiful planet abundantly offers us.

I am very glad to be part of the Travel Counsellors team to help you create some very special moments that will always stay in your heart, soul & mind.

*You are the Journey *


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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

Live The True Arabic Legacy at Emirates Palace

20 May 2021

Emirates Place defines the true meaning of Arabic Legacy in many ways. First, the palace has hosted world leaders, Presidents, kings & queens from all over the world. The sophisticated vibe is felt as you walk into the grand majestic lobby where you will be wowed by the attention to details and arts invested in every corner of the domed palace. Second, the beautiful architecture of this charming palace brings together a diverse inspiration of the Arab World & the entire region. The moment you reach the palace you feel as if you have been transported in the speed of light to one of India's Rajethstan Palaces. While the domes and entrance of the hotel with its tall pillars awakens the nostalgic fragrance of the Levant that is nothing less than mystical. As you walk across the corridors towards the rooms, you will get mesmerised by looking at the beautiful square-shaped courtyards placed on the ground floor with tall palm trees which look like a Moroccan fascinating Riad which boost the place with calming energy and a flavour of another Arabic Culture from the west of the Arab World. The journey gets even more exciting as you walk towards the beach, where you will get bumped into beautiful private wooden cabanas located next to an Arabic cool beachfront Badawian tent where you see camels roaming freely. I encourage you to be daring and to try riding one of these Arabic creatures and my promise to you is an experience that will take you on an inspiring journey to live between the rich culture of the past and the modernisation present in the capital. Surprisingly, although the hotel is a palace yet you don’t get to feel overwhelmed with any sort of formality or forced to be too dressy as you roam around. In fact, the palace caters to various families needs thanks to its water slides, lazy pools, cascades and friendly staff which create an ambience of relaxation that ensure a quality time has been experienced throughout your stay. The palace is spread out across a huge space of land, gardens, & beach which makes it ideal for different types of guests, including couples, solo's & families. Finally, staying in Emirates Palace is not merely a hotel stay, it is rather an experience of a Masterpiece for anyone who is seeking appreciation of time, quality & exclusivity within the heart of the capital.

Island of Dreams

05 January 2021

Our heavenly team-building getaway, made up of a group of 8 people, was surely a trip to remember. The excitement started to build up at the airport, the time we started boarding our overnight flight to Phuket. Our host has organised our arrival pick up which took about an hour combining both land & sea transports. We ventured into the sea by a speedboat that has a perfect size to accommodate all 8 of us with our luggage. Luckily, the speed boat had a cover like an umbrella which was very helpful against the rain-shower which normally takes place during Monsoon season at this time of the year. On Arrival, instantly; we got totally immersed in the divine tranquillity of our Private Resort ''Ani Villas'' located on the calm shores of Phang Nga with a stunning view of the Southeast Asian Sea that is nothing but a bucket-list worthy. With the feeling of ''You Can Have it All'' We seldom felt the need to go out, specially that the resort concept is ‘’It is All Yours’’ from your own villa to the 100*foot pool, bar & very cool heart-rate waterside that was the reason to fill the image library of our phones with many snaps & videos; down to having a team of 10 at your service that included a General Manager and a Chef. The concept of ‘’Its All Yours’’ has given us so much flexibility & freedom not only with what we wanted to do but also with what we wanted to eat & drink specially that everything was covered including Unlimited Spa Treatments. Thanks to this diversity of inclusions, we did not have any issue queuing for the Spa as I thought we would, as each small group was busy with some other activity from stand-up paddling to Kayaking or simply chilling in one of the 10 stunning villas in the resort. The idea of travelling to Thailand and more; to a remote island during Monsoon was not so smoothly swallowed by some folks in our group. Surprisingly, I felt that the Monsoon vibe made our trip even more exciting. Because remember, after the rain there is the sunshine & rainbow. And that is what I exactly did, I went ''Chasing The Rainbow'' on a Kayak trip from the shore-steps of Ani villas to surrounding stunning exotic islands, the experience was invigorating yet serene and inspirational. Time flew on ''The Island of Dreams'' that I didn’t get a chance to experience any of the local restaurants which are mainly located at the cosy small downtown of of Kho Ya Noi. I was busy relaxing on hammocks hanged between the lush along the seaside of the island. Sure enough, I was touched by the kindness of the locals when someone approached me and offered me a shelter and a cup of tea when it started pouring while I was waiting for my driver. This only shows that the Kho Yoa Noi is way less touristy & commercial comparing to other places in Thailand. This does not mean that I did not try out the local cosine, in fact, we went a little deeper into the Thai Culinary thanks to our in-house chef who was patient enough to talk all 8 of us through a journey of cooking class that was not only fun, but we also learnt how to cook a Vegetarian Thai Green Curry. The aromatic tasty dish was served for lunch besides Thai sticky rice & tropical mocktail to calm down the slightly chilli flavor of the curry. Asking about souvenirs?!!? oh well, I got my first tattoo made on my left-arm which I believe is now my ever-lasting souvenir from Kho Yao Noi. I am super grateful till today for Ani Villas team who recommended a highly professional tattoo-artist who took on the mission fearlessly that caused little to no pain during & after I was tattooed. The overall experience was so genuine and personal that we literally had ''almost'' everything at our fingertips, Sea & Sky who were so caring and made my stay a very comfortable one. We were tempted to go out once, when we found a very cool Tree-House bar just few steps in front of Ani villas that we were so pleased to experience. The bar has got a wonderful island vibe that we could even dance barefoot, every time I remember this place, I get the feeling of ''Taking me back there'' Lastly, If you are curious about the cost, it may scare you a little to say that it could cost between 800-1000$ per night per person to stay at Ani Villas which is not too expensive considering the amount of inclusions & the personal service, however, we can always tailor something that could possibly lower the budget a little. My Top Recommendation for this place is first for family/friends’ reunions/party, Team-Building outing, Occasions like Weddings or Birthdays. However, we were also told that some celebrities & VIP’s loved the place due to the privacy, on-demand service & generous inclusions. The entire space along with a minimum 7 villas out of 10 can be yours and all services & inclusions can be tailored to meet your wildest expectations. The overall trip to Ani Villas was not just a holiday but a true experience that is not only tattooed on my left arm but in heart too.

My customer stories

Sent by Momen AlJasmi

It’s my pleasure to do my traveling programs with you. Because you are professional and will aware of ever need. also your choice’s and selection is perfect Thanks, best Regards

Sent by Noora Matar

Nothing to say, apart from saying Basel is the best travel agent I’ve dealt with in my life. From planning to the trip, everything was well-organized and seamless.

Sent by Matthew Bond

Basel was excellent in organizing our recent trip to Dubai and Cairo we had a problem returning to Dubai. He was a personal assistant in rearranging our scheduled flight several times this was way over what was expected. Cheers to Basel! I could not recommend him more. At times not leaving us stranded in strange places.


The best Counsellor, the best thing is that when he gave us some ideas and suggestions and support, he is always available anytime to support us.

Sent by Bubshait Alanood

Best Trip of my life! Everything was well organised and we really enjoyed the trip. Literally, it was a breathtaking experience.

Sent by Alanood Bubshait

Basel is great person , he gives you his honest opinion and does his best to meet fulfil all requirements and you have your best trip.. I feel he knows what he is talking about and he has a good knowledge about each country.

Sent by Naziha Naitali

Basel is just awesome, he is really on top on everything. He is very competent, quick in responding to questions or concerns. I highly recommend him to friends or others.Thanks Basel !


Basel's strengths come naturally from his passion for travel and his helpful attitude. In addition to his wonderful sense of creativity. Basel took care of my trip to South America that included around 14 flights & 10 hotel stays. He didn't only make sure that I get best deals on all domestic sectors, he studied the fare rules and luggage allowance for each airline to avoid any surprises. Basel's has saved me money by not looking for the cheapest options rather for the best value. Lastly, I realised the importance of having a caring travel agent, when Basel called me from UAE to Cusco in Peru (despite the huge time difference) to make sure I get on my train trip to Machu Picchu when my driver was unable to reach me.