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Hello travellers.

I am originally from Sabah, East Malaysia, more popularly known as North Borneo. In the 80s, the roads in Sabah were not well developed and being that Borneo is an island, I have always travelled on the plane since I was an infant, coast to coast in Sabah, to Kuala Lumpur, as well as to Brunei. You could say I’m a seasoned flyer.

I am now your Travel Counsellor based in Dubai, I have lived in Dubai since 2016. Being a mother of 3 beautiful children, I have found Dubai to be an excellent playground for my family to grow in a globally diverse community. As they say, Dubai is in the middle of the world!

To date, I have travelled to over 20 countries and counting! I started my career in a multinational corporate company, and I was a frequent business traveller for 14 years until I decided to make my travel passion my business!

It was in July 2018 that I first started my solo travel to Prague, Czech Republic. Since then, I have covered five countries as a solo traveller, eventually, I brought my three children along with me as a solo mom traveller to 3 countries. Now, travelling with kids is never easy but solo with kids? Feel free to contact me, I would love to chat about it.

My personal favourite destination as a solo traveller so far is Tokyo and Prague. These two cities are what I might describe as cities with attitude, a mix between rich histories and current cultures. Of course, I try not to be biased, growing up in Borneo and on my yearly trip there, I will always visit the beautiful blue seas, unique rainforests, pigmy elephants and Orangutan sanctuaries.

What’s your next dream destination? I would love to design your personalized getaway, be it fast or slow-paced; a honeymoon, a wellness retreat, luxury, adventure or cultural trips, nature or beach getaways, annual family ski trips, anywhere in the world; be it just you, you and your family or your group of friends. With my years of travel experience, I can assure you that I can help design just the right itinerary for your next destination, whatever your travel needs may be.

I am available by phone, online, or by personal appointment. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know your travel needs.


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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

Experiencing Rome in 24 Hours: A Trio of Captivating Tours

26 June 2023

Embarking on a whirlwind adventure, I successfully explored the captivating city of Rome in just 24 hours. By joining three remarkable tours, I managed to delve into the city's rich history, immerse myself in its vibrant culture, and witness the breathtaking landmarks that make Rome truly unforgettable. In this article, I'll share my journey, highlighting the incredible experiences and must-see attractions that can be discovered within a limited timeframe. Unveiling Ancient Splendors Starting my day with an early morning train from Bologna, I arrived at Rome's Termini station by 10:30 am. After dropping off my luggage at my booked hotel nearby the station and the magnificent Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica, I eagerly joined the first tour at 12 pm. Led by expert local guides, this classical walking tour took me on a captivating exploration of the Colosseum and Roman Forum, two of Rome's most iconic and historically significant sites. Stepping back in time, I discovered the grandeur of the Roman Empire, witnessing the centre of political and social life at the Forum, and exploring the awe-inspiring Colosseum. Rome's Hidden Gems Following a delightful lunch indulging in authentic Roman pizza, I embarked on the second tour at 3 pm. This walking tour led me through the enchanting streets of Rome, unveiling hidden gems and sharing stories of the city's rich history and vibrant culture. From the enchanting Trevi Fountain and the magnificent Pantheon to the captivating Piazza Navona, I immersed myself in the charm of Rome's ancient ruins and lively piazzas. The passionate tour guides provided fascinating insights, creating an unforgettable experience and leaving me in awe of the Eternal City's beauty. The Magic of Rome at Sunset After checking in at my hotel and enjoying a quick dinner, I embarked on the final leg of my Roman adventure at 8:15 pm. The evening tour revealed a different side of the city, as the sun set and Rome's landmarks came alive with a magical glow. Starting at the Spanish Steps, I strolled through picturesque streets, marvelled at the illuminated Saint Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, and admired Rome's stunning architecture. Guided by a knowledgeable local, I gained a deeper understanding of the city's history and culture while discovering hidden gems along the way. Intriguing Encounters and Movie Magic While exploring Rome, I stumbled upon an unexpected brush with celebrity and movie excitement. As luck would have it, I discovered that Tom Cruise was staying at a nearby hotel, which happened to be the starting point for one of my tours. The buzz of anticipation filled the air as the premiere of his latest Mission Impossible movie was set to take place at Vatican City, just a day after my departure. Witnessing the preparations for this grand event added an extra thrill to my already unforgettable experience. With careful planning and the right combination of tours, it is possible to experience the wonders of Rome in just 24 hours. From ancient marvels to vibrant neighbourhoods, Rome's allure is simply irresistible. My action-packed itinerary allowed me to delve into the city's history, savour its authentic cuisine, and marvel at its architectural gems. After a fulfilling day of exploration, I took the bus back to the iconic Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica, where I had started my journey. You might not fancy walking as much as I did (I covered 18km in 28,000 steps!), thus utilizing public transportation or hiring a private driver might be a better option. As I bid farewell to Rome and headed back to Dubai, I carried with me cherished memories and a desire to return for a more extensive exploration of this magnificent city.

My customer stories

Sent by Mohd Azwan Mohd Roslee

Great arrangement. Thanks a lot for the best services.

Sent by Nik Harris Nik Kamaruddin

Dubai trip was possible because of Munira! She managed our group efficiently and smoothly from start to finish. Always service with a smile and constantly gave us options every step of the way. Will definitely need Munira to organize our trips again in the future.

Sent by Angelo Jeremy

Munira helped us to plan our vacation with the best offers available in an efficient and timely manner. It was not easy to combine all the requirements such as costs, flight schedules, etc... But Munira went an extra mile to satisfy our requests as realistically as possible. And we appreciated it very much. That's the value you get from having a personal travel advisor.

Sent by Mohd Amirul Farez Ahmad Azaldin

Munira never fails to deliver despite the many requirements expected of her. She is able to fulfill most if not all of my requirements every time and is also able to tailor to my budget. I would highly recommend her to my friends anytime of the day. Although I have only asked her to arrange for my visit around UAE, I am looking forward for her services at other places.

Sent by Shubika Cherian Jacob

Munira my Travel Counsellor was amazing

Sent by Manoj Khera

She's there for you, Always!!

Sent by Michelle France

Munira and her team were very efficient, accessible and reliable. The service they provided was second to none!

Sent by Amirul Farez

She goes out of her way to settle all the required deliverables even when she is away on her vacation.

Sent by Noor Amani Abdul Rahman

Munira is very responsive and her advice is always the best. Good to know her and looking forward to our next vacation.

Sent by Sally Atiyani

I booked my honeymoon with Munira to Tanzania, Zanzibar. She booked us the best hotel ever for honeymooners. it was like a piece of heaven... Everything was just smooth and she helped us with every single detail to make sure that we have a memorable trip forever. My fiance and I met here before travelling and she was so helpful and answered all our questions (we are very picky) Thank you from my deep deep heart Munira... You're an amazing person and can't wait to book our next trip with you for a new adventure.

Sent by Pooja Kabra

Thank you for planning our Armenia trip. Everything was well coordinated and our Itinerary was well prepared. We would like to extend special thanks to our courteous chauffeur.

Sent by Khalid Saleh

I reached Munira last minute to plan for a possible trip . I wasn’t sure where I could go for short holidays in a small period of time I basically had no clue . She was such a dedicated person who came with many suggestions that made so easy for me to decide . It was impressive how she took care of the finest details of the trip from the hotel , the attractions and the transportation. All I had to do was just to aboard the airplane and wait for the magic to happen . And it did ! I had a such memorable trip because of how organized it was by Munira prior to the trip and that made a big difference and saved me time . An absolute pleasure that I’ve had the chance to work with a passionate and a considerate person like her . I know that there would be more trips yet to come . Thank you for all the support you’ve given me before and during my trip .

Sent by Khalid Saleh

I’ve had one of the best experiences of Traveling. Everything was so organized and well arranged even the little things were taken care of . Absolutely a memorable trip I had thank you so much Munira for making my trip easy and enjoyable. You are the best !!! Score received: 10/10

Sent by Maria Lopes

Munira is a fabulous person to work with, she has managed to respond to my many queries on prompt. Will go out of her way to be able to help and sort out any information required. Felt very comfortable having her handle all my travel arrangements. Date of Booking: 04 Jul 21 Booking Reference: 2729142 Score Received: 10/10

Sent by Phil Bedford

As a busy entrepreneur, I value my holidays but hate doing the organization and it's a water of time and money for me. To be able to outsource the horrible bit of holidays so I can focus on turning up and having a good time is perfect. Munira has been patient, helpful, and resourceful. Date of Booking: 24 Jun 21 Booking Reference: 2725229 Score Received: 10/10

Sent by Nabil Malik

It was a pleasant and lovely surprise booking a hotel that came with a wedding anniversary cake. Never thought that could be arranged with the hotel...Thank you for going the extra mile and being so thoughtful! You'll be hearing more from us very soon :-)

Sent by Aisha Choo

We had a wonderful short staycation in Dubai. Munira’s services were prompt and excellent. It’ was our first time using the services and it was amazingly satisfying. She was one of the best travel advisors we have dealt with and never regretted it. Any questions asked were always answered swiftly. On top of that, price was reasonable compared to other providers. We would highly recommend Munira as your travel advisor whom you can rely on. Thank you!

Sent by rose hayati abdul halim

Munira was very helpful and accommodative to find ways to suit our preferred dates and budget which took almost two days going over a lot of details, payment process via the app was very secure, travel itinerary given was highly personalized based on the consultant's own experience, consultant was also actively getting feedback and providing advice throughout our travel duration for any ad hoc advice.

Sent by Savita Menon

Munira have been a great travel guide for us while booking our Staycation for our daughter's birthday. She have managed the entire holiday very well from her side and she was always available for any queries or issues while on the holiday. She is very reliable and knowledgeable regarding the places that she recommends. It was indeed a very pleasant and amazing experience with her being our travel counsellor.

Sent by Angel Jeremy

I have just booked a staycation and I was very happy and satisfied with Munira's prompt service and knowledge of the travel market. She was patience and attentive to my fussy requests and budget; and ultimately provided me with a tailored and cost-effective offer. I highly recommend Munira as your personal advisor for your next journey!