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“We wanderers, ever seeking the lonelier way, begin no day where we have ended another day; and no sunrise finds us where sunset left us. Even while the earth sleeps we travel”

Hi, I am Reena with more than 18 + years of travel industry experience in Dubai. Being a passionate traveller, I enjoy exploring new destinations and sharing travel experiences with friends and family.

For over 20 years I have stayed in different regions of the Gulf, and my wandering heart has fallen in love with the desert and its unique characteristics, the equal parts of serenity and madness and the vigour in each of these regions.

When it comes to travelling though, it doesn’t matter where I am off to or what season of the year it is, for there is beauty in each place I visit.

From my many years of skill in the world of travel, I have learnt that each traveller is looking forward to encountering unique experiences in their own ways. It would be my utmost delight to arrange journeys that will capture my clients’ hearts and souls.

“Not all those who wander are lost”. However, the possibilities of getting lost in a new place are pretty high and here I am, proud to be a Travel Counselor, to ensure that you have the most unforgettable and safe travel experiences.

So pick up the phone and dial my number, You can also email me or contact me on Whatsapp, Facebook or on Instagram, I would be glad to assist you with all your travel needs within the budget.


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Whatever your holiday needs I'm here to help you, so simply give me a call or send me an email with your contact details on and I can get things started for you:

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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

My TC App

26 September 2019

The ‘My TC app’ is a MUST for EVERY traveler! Travel Counsellors offers our customers an App, called ‘My TC app’. This app can be used for holidaymakers as well as business travelers. The ‘My TC App’ has only received raving reviews from our users and we have received a whopping 4.2 out 5 for reviews on Apple. This app is unique and a fantastic addition to my personal approach as your Travel Counsellor and this is why… How does the My TC app work? ‘My TC app’ gives you access to all your travel details (including quotes) and provides an exciting countdown to your next departure. While travelling (even while off line) you can access your trip itinerary, flight e-tickets, accommodation vouchers, transfer vouchers, excursion vouchers, etc. which is all in one place – ‘My TC APP’! Other exciting values: ‘My TC app’ is a personal extension of your Travel Counsellor so that you always have me with you, wherever you are in the world. Please contact me at the touch of a button as your personal Travel Counsellor via the ‘My TC app’. Share your trip with other In the ‘My TC app’ it’s possible to share your itinerary via an email with your family and friends or even better you can easily share it on Social Media too (watch your friends go green with envy). Share your secret with the ‘My TC app’ If you are loving my service please don’t keep me secret! My contact details are on the app and with 1 press of a button you can share my details with your family, friends and colleagues. My business is 100% based on personal recommendations, so this would be the biggest compliment for me if you share. Travel Counsellors Customer Portal The ‘My TC app’ is also linked to the online Travel Counsellors ‘customer portal’. This is an online portal and you would use the same password details as the app. On the portal, you can also view your invoice in addition to your travel details and pay easily, securely and quickly online! The link is ‘My TC app’ for Business In addition to holiday travel the ‘My TC App’ supports the business traveler. The ‘My TC app’ allows me to stay in close contact with my business traveler. He or she can consult their travel itinerary and travel documents anytime, anywhere even while off line. If the business traveler needs to get in touch then I am one ‘1 press of a button away’ under ‘Contacts’ on the app. This app is ideal for the business traveler who is continuously on the go, the My TC app is a godsend, no prints, no loose e-mails... Simply refer to the documents in ‘My TC App’. ‘My TC app’ – Payment through a secure portal Travel Counsellors has worked hard to ensure our customers money is protected when making payment. Once you have downloaded (or accessed the online Travel Counsellors portal) you can now make payment securely on a quote which you would like to book. If you have not downloaded the ‘My TC app’ or logged on to our customer portal, please do get in touch so I can allocate a temporary password for you to gain access to this amazing app / portal. My TC app advantages:- Get in touch with or call on 0561604848 A few customers reviews on the App from Apple App A brilliant travel companion A great way to compliment the services from your personal Travel Counsellor. All your paperwork are online. Therefore, you do not have to search through all you emails to find the paperwork. Great Travel App The app stores all your Travel Counsellors bookings and has details, vouchers and itineraries on. It send notifications of flight changes and delays on the day of travel and helps you during the booking process to clearly see the proposals. Effortless travel A great little app which means my holiday documents and itineraries are all in one place which makes it just so easy. It also means my travel Counsellor is in my hands whenever I need them while I am on holiday which is so reassuring.

Fun of Cruising

02 September 2019

Have you ever thought about cruising or are you already hooked on cruising? It’s an easy way to experience so many places in very little time without unpacking multiple times! Yes, this is what I have experienced while on a Mediterranean cruise liner. I was able to visit Italy, Greece , Croatia and Istanbul in 7 days. isn't it amazing? Some people think that joining a cruise is expensive but the truth is, cruise will even come out cheaper and have proven to be one of the most economical ways to holiday. A lot of travelers love the idea of knowing up front just how much the majority of their holiday is going to cost as cruise holidays typically include meals, entertainment, accommodation and sometimes bonus on-board credit. The variety and quality of on-board entertainment offered by cruise ships certainly contributes to the value offered by a cruise holiday and is also why so many people become addicted to cruising. Great Value for Time When you join a cruise, your vacation starts as soon as you board the ship, with lots of activities waiting for you to explore once you go onboard. You can enjoy the spa, watch a movie, enjoy the swimming pool, have a great time at the bar and enjoy the great music and mingle with the other passengers. No time is wasted for travel on board a plane or bus while waiting to reach your destination as you can have fun and enjoy a lot of activities while onboard the ship. There are so many different types of cruises out there and cruise lines, so it’s important that you select what is right for you. And that’s where I can help. Expedition and Adventure Luxury Family Honeymoon couples River Yacht/Tall Ship Tailor made – a cruise and a land tour Here are the trends that we are seeing every year 1. More and more travellers are going solo 2. Working Nomads = holiday plus work 3. Discovering places in the quieter colder months 4. Under 30s exploring multiple destinations and taking cruises which include festivals 5. Expedition cruises to gain access to places that you can’t get to very easily 6. Eco friendly travellers 7. More smart technology on board 8. Goal orientated bucket lists i.e. to climb Machu Pichu or complete a culinary workshop with a Michelin chef. 9. Total restoration, wellness, healthy food 10. Instagrammable travel – get those pictures for your account. Cruising offers us so many opportunities and experiences and it is becoming increasingly popular with all age groups. It’s a perfect trip for multi generations!

Istanbul – Home away from home

28 February 2016

It was one of my greatest wishes to take a relaxed trip to Turkey. Turkey is a nation straddling Eastern Europe and Western Asia with cultural connections to ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. I selected a connecting flight from Dubai to Istanbul via Doha, mainly to save cost. Six hours later, I reached my destination. The hotel I chose to stay at was Crowne Plaza, mainly because of its walk able distance from the metro station, and also because of its proximity to all the major tourist spots. The service and the hospitality which I received from the hotel even made me cancel the reservation at the second hotel for the last 2 days. A walk down Takshim street, chatting with the street artists and the musicians took away a lot my stress, as I found myself being captivated by the various stories that each of them had to tell. My Nikon camera never stopped clicking pictures, especially of the historical Galatta Tower. At this time, the Tower was surrounded by shrieking seagulls, the mosques atop the seven hills of the city silhouetted against a soft grey sky. While sitting on the boat crossing the Bosphorus River, that connects the old city and the European side, the spectacular beauty of the Istanbul in the sparkling rays of setting sun was a mind blowing vision to see. In my opinion, the best way to experience Istanbul at its most magical is to walk across the Galatta Bridge during sunset. The next day, despite having a mild flu, I decided to visit the historical Hagia Sophia - the great architectural beauty and an important monument both for Byzantine and for Ottoman Empires. Make sure to take the steps to the gallery where stunning mosaics dating back to the 12th century can be seen. As one of the most beautiful buildings in Istanbul ,it is a sight that shouldn’t be missed! Nothing could stop me, not even the chilling cold weather to visit Sultan Ahmet and the famous Topkapi Palace – former home of the Sultans. How can I ever forget those Turkish college girls who even offered to take my pictures? Most of my shopping was done at the Grand Bazar, one of the oldest markets in the world. The delicious Turkish sweets and the spices which I bought from there cannot be compared with anything. The casual nights I spent at the pubs, the traditional coffee shops and the taste of delicious kebabs makes me to visit this city one more time. My advice to you when planning a trip to Istanbul would be to allow enough time to explore. Too much to see and too little time is a common phrase that it heard from those returning after a visit to this wonderful city.

Srilankan retreat

21 February 2016

Few places in the world can offer a traveler such a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, captivating cultural heritage and unique experiences within such a small location. Set in the Indian Ocean in South Asia, the tropical island nation of Sri Lanka has a history dating back to the birth of time. It is a place where the original soul of Buddhism still flourishes and where nature’s beauty remains abundant and unspoilt. December was the perfect season to visit the place. Sri Lanka is one of the cheapest destinations which you can visit between your busy work schedules. It was only a 4 hour journey from Dubai to Colombo International Airport. I decided to stay at the Hilton Colombo which is in the heart of the city. They gave me the same sea view room which I had requested while booking. The rest of my days were to be spent at Kandy, the hill station and Hikkaduwa, a small coastal town. Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, is a bustling city and a hopping-off point for beaches in the island nation's south. It has a long history as a port on ancient east-west trade routes, ruled successively by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. I spent the first day roaming around the city. I ended up visiting the Independence memorial Hall and Dutch hospital which were all close to my hotel. Tuk Tuks were available at any time of the day or night, but I preferred walking on the streets. All around Colombo I could see monumental buildings and museums, Buddhist temples and statues. The next day, a cab driver took me to Kandy, the hill station. The place was surrounded by mountains and tea estates. From my room at the Cinnamon Citadel, I could see the Maheveli River flowing by. The place was perfect for unwinding and to relax. A leisurely swim in the outdoor pool and a walk in the woods did magic to me. The famous Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha site was only 20 minutes away. A road trip to Newara Ellliya which is also known as the little England was the most exciting part of my trip. The chilly weather was entirely different from the heat and humidity of Colombo. The old brick Post office, country house like hill club, golf course, race course etc., evoke nostalgia of Colonial British Ceylon. I could see people steering boats in Lake Gregory and kids riding horses nearby. The guided tour to the tea estate and the famous Sitaman temple were all worth viewing. On my way to the South coast, the breathtaking beauty of valleys, waterfalls and the lush green mountains had me speechless. My last two days in Srilanka were spent in Hikkaduwa, The place is located 98 km south of Colombo. The beach and night life make it a popular tourist destination with the hippy hangouts and massage centers. It is a well-known international destination for surfboarding. I could see many diving centers and hotels which had direct access to the beach. The most exciting thing which you can experience in Srilanka is the delicious food they serve in the restaurants. It was a surprise for me to see steamed rice and fish curry served along with the buffet breakfast..Hopper with a bulls eye on top was the best among all other dishes. There were many moon stone mines on the coast. Precious stones are sold from here. While sitting in the flight back to Dubai, I was still craving for the Srilankan hoppers and the traditional coconut fish curry.

My customer stories

Sent by Sreebala Pottakkat

Reena caters to exactly what your needs are. She is also flexible and available whenever you need her. I highly recommend her services .

Sent by Steve Wallace

Reena understood our needs and budget - very little to and from to get everything done. Pricing was better than we could have gotten direct.

Sent by Mohamed Abousamra

A big thank you for planning and preparing our honeymoon . Hotels were great and flights were all convenient . We also enjoyed the activities so much. Above all, most important is Reena's dedication to make our trip memorable and making herself available for us in-case we had any questions or requests.

Sent by Shilpa Ranil

Thank you Reena for making our trip through Swiss Alps to Italian cities so wonderful with your perfect arrangements in terms of hotel, transfers attractions etc

Sent by Golda Mary Cherian

Reena remained on hand for everything… especially considering the time difference between Greece and UAE , she still responded which was always appreciated… so on Reena's part, I’d give 5/5

Sent by Darshana Babu

We wanted to go for a relaxing trip that the kids would enjoy too and Reena suggested Mauritius which was on point! Such a beautiful resort with so many things to do! Had a super fun relaxing family time

Sent by Vidhya Venugopal

We had an extremely relaxing trip to Maldives. Our trip was so well organized by Ms. Reena. She was very accommodating and even gave us the right inclusives like Couples Spa and candle night dinner. She was very clear and was always in touch with us. Would recommend 100% booking through Ms Reena Zafar

Sent by Alexander Schnell

Reena provides competent, fast and very professional service

Sent by Neema Naveen

Reena is very helpful and understands clients needs. I book all my travel needs through her. She is excellent.

Sent by Jessie Hannah Theorin

Reena always assists in a friendly and professional manner and I will definitely recommend her services.

Sent by Trupti Vikas Panicker

We are super impressed with the spectacular services offered. Right from booking the flights to the hotel to sightseeing, everything was well-planned. The complete trip - right from boarding the first flight to the last was well-organised and beautifully planned. We enjoyed each day in the exotic places. My Travel Counsellor, Reena Zafar, had solutions to any doubts we asked, if not, she would write back on finding the best options. Also, we loved the myTC App. Anytime we had to refer to any details, it was all there - be it tickets, bookings or sightseeing... Thank you for your services. We had an amazing Europe tour.

Sent by Babu Narangali Chudukattil

This is not the first time I using your service to travel and all my previous experience were really good and well designed to our requirements. You are doing a good job. Keep it up.

Sent by Arundas Odayamangalam

Reena is very professional and this is the third time we are using her service.

Sent by Noemi Llave

Reena was very helpful & updating me from time to time giving information & links that could help me on my first travel to Europe. My question are all answered detail by detail & I would say “recommended travel counsellor” I am delighted with her services

Sent by Stacey Dsouza

We were planning our first travel with our 2 year old and with Covid still at peak that was one of our main concerns when planning the vacay.. Reena Zafar Travel Counsellors was super patient with all our travel needs, wants and budget! She really researched and gave us multiple options for stays and packages until we found one that met exactly what we were looking for.. We had a wonderful stay at Sheraton Full Moon resort in Maldives. Beautiful resort with extremely friendly and helpful staff. Ample selection of restaurants at the resort (with a fussy toddler this was really a blessing!) the resort had good excursions as well as a decent play area for toddlers. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay! Definitely looking forward to planning our future holidays with Reena!!

Sent by Conchita Fernandes

I found Reena’s details on Facebook through somebody’s recommendation. She has been so helpful right from day one. We didn’t have to worry about anything about our trip to the Maldives in December 2021. The hotel recommendation was spot on. Kids loved the place. The food and the ambience of the hotel were amazing. Reena was always available to answer all our questions be it after working hours or at a weekend. I would highly recommend her for all your travels. Thank you, Reena

Sent by Challirikkal Thomas Volkmar

Our trip to Georgia was absolutely out of this world ! We loved every minute of it. Thank you so much for being with us through out the process & even during the trip. Everything from the stays , tours to the winery was brilliant ! One thing i would highlight is our experience at Lapota Lake Resort ! If i have to sum it up in one sentence i would say ' You were absolutely right !' We loved the experience there; it was truly a break we deserved ! Again, thank you so much for organizing this for us !!

Sent by Preeti Harshit Patni

Amazing experience, everything was well planned by Reena. Highly recommend.

Sent by Elezebeth Joseph Netto

Thank you for arranging this beautiful trip for us. Your engagement and interaction are excellent, you provided such a great service with customized options for us to choose from as per our requirements. We wanted to connect with nature and switch off and you provided us just that. We liked the way you provided personal guidance rather than being a stiff travel agent. Everything from the get-go was smooth and perfect. Travelling during a pandemic is not easy, however you made sure we had a seamless and enjoyable experience. You made our Georgia trip so memorable. Thank you again!

Sent by Diji George

Her service is very prompt and detailed. All aspects of the trip are considered by her and communicated to the client. We'll done Reena!

Sent by Thahamuzammil Nazeemudeen

Waldorf Astoria is Majestic. We all really liked it. Thank u very much for referring this hotel. It’s so much worth the money and the food and ambience is amazing. They have a temperature controller swimming pool. They gave us an upgrade with a balcony with a partial sea view Thanks again and keep up the great work … looking forward to a new experience through Travel Counselor.

Sent by Kavitha Krishnan Unni

Our family had a wonderful vacation in the Maldives as it was my parents 50th wedding anniversary. All arranged by Reena Zafar. I would, highly recommend Reena for any travel plans. She really did a good job and thoroughly answered all our queries.

Sent by Bevan Pillay

My family recently visited the Maldives for a family vacation. We were fortunate enough to be assisted by Reena Zafar which made this vacation better, easier and less stressful. Finding the time to wade through the many options for a family vacation can be a tedious task but luckily Reena helped us navigate through all of this. She was efficient, quick and professional throughout this process from the beginning. I would highly recommend her as she provided us with a multitude of services which included; arranging of the flights and seating arrangements, assisting with completion of documentation, obtaining the GDFRA approvals, selecting and advising us on the best options, and just always going above and beyond her duties every step of the way. We appreciated her genuine concern and ability to personalize the packages according to our needs. Thank you for organizing an awesome vacation that was hassle free. I really also appreciated you sorting out all of the documentation requirements as well.. Looking forward to planning our next family holiday!

Sent by Lynne Findlay Stewart

We had a wonderful time at the OBLU Helengeli. The transfer to the island was seamless. The accommodation was perfect - spotlessly clean and directly on the beach with sunset views. The food, the drinks were top-notch - loved the Mai Tai’s!! Such a great selection of food, breakfast lunch and dinner. The massage was great (fell asleep, it was so relaxing!) would highly recommend the resort. Would also recommend the services of Reena, exceptionally knowledgeable, responsive and very helpful!! Would definitely utilize Reena’s services again!

Sent by Jessie Theorin

Thank you for all your help and support with the travel arrangements for my mother and sister in August, I know it was a complicated case to handle. During these challenging times, you managed to fix everything from, flight bookings, hotel reservations, Marhaba services, wheelchair requests and went above and beyond to even guide me with information on Covid19 procedures and restrictions for both Dubai and India. I couldn’t have managed such a smooth operation without your help. I remain eternally grateful and will definitely recommend you for your patient, attention to details and service minded approach.

Sent by Navas Usman

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Reena for the wonderful service she has provided me throughout my trips with TC. Also the support she has given to me for getting the travel claim reimbursement with the insurance company. She is been very supportive and very helpful at all times. Hoping to plan my next trip with her soon

Sent by Mini Kodasseri

An extremely reliable and competent travel counsellor who is available 24/7 to assist her clients with enthusiasm

Sent by Shabnam Thahamuzammil

It was a great trip and enjoyed it very much.Thank you so much.

Sent by Kiren George Joseph

We had a wonderful time in Maldives and appreciate all the efforts that Reena had taken in finding us a package that was both fun and within budget. Thanks for all the help.

Sent by Vidya Ramadasan

It was a wonderful trip.... we all had a great time memories to cherish a lifetime. Thanks a lot for planning this out so well for us.

Sent by Meenakshi Mohan

Reena was so helpful. Organised everything well in a short span of time. Well done Reena. You were awesome.

Sent by Jessie Hannah Theorin

Reena was super helpful in sorting a last minute Staycation for my family over the Eid Break. Would definitely use her services again and recommend her to my friends.

Sent by Ibrahim David

First of all, it was a fantastic honeymoon and we would like to thank you for all the great organizational work you have put in. We have enjoyed all the trips and especially the days in between. We will definitely come back to Thailand for more adventures in the near future! We are looking forward to our next trip!

Sent by Ritu Chandresh Poojari

She was very assuring and calmed me down about my travel worries that I had. She was readily available for any doubts i had at any time and was quick and efficient in everything. Thank you, Reena!

Sent by Sajitha Chandran

Thanks Reena This was long overdue and yes thanks to your suggestion on a good travel insurance I got my money back after I was pic pocketed in Athens. Now will bug you for the next trip.

Sent by Ulf Otto Gerhard Hallensleben

I can only recommend Reena Excellent support in a timely manner

Sent by Pinar Acar

First of all I would like to thank you for all the support both before and during our trip to India. Everything was so smooth, everyone was always on time. We really felt like queen and the king there ?? People always around and taking care of us. We will contact you with any holiday plans in future

Sent by Ashwin Prakash

Thanks Reena for your special attention and great suggestion of hotels that you provided. Your immediate attention to concerns raised with the hotel was exemplary and the hotel manager attended to the concerns immediately. This proves the real value addition in your services.

Sent by George Stephen

Thought of dropping a few lines on our trip to Switzerland recently. It was really fantastic and we all enjoyed a lot and had a really awesome time. The itinerary prepared and organized was great and was well balanced.The hotels were amazing and we did not face any problem with our stay and travel as well. The flights were good and on time as well. Many thanks once again for all the arrangements made by TC.

Sent by Neema Naveen

Thank you Reena for arranging a beautiful holiday for us!! We will definitely use your service for our travel needs in future.

Sent by Darshana Babu

I'd like to quickly drop in a few lines to give you a feedback on our Switzerland trip that we went for last week. We were very happy with the accommodations arranged. All the hotels were close to the rail station so it was very convenient for us to go around and between locations. Since we wanted to keep the flexibility open, we had planned our trip before going on our own with the recommendations that you had sent us for each location. To rate the hotels that we stayed at, we loved the Schweizerhof hotel, Bern. The rooms were spacious, the service was very good and the hotel on the whole was lovely. The Royal St. Georges, Interlaken was good and so was Flora hotel at Luzern. The last hotel we stayed at was Movenpik hotel, Geneva and the hotel was lovely as well as very convenient as there was no rush to get to the airport before heading back to Dubai. We had a jam packed tour with a lot of sight seeing and going around. Thanks a lot for your assistance over the whole trip and appreciate the time you took out to meet us personally and handover details to us. We will surely keep recommending you to our friends and family as we always do. :)

Sent by Bachir Al Kesserwany

We would like to thank you for the wonderful experience we had. Everything was awesome and exceeded our expectations. Looking forward to another experience with you.

Sent by Hanifi Unal Kurcak

Thanks Reena excellent organized trip...I should definitely recommend to others, i.e. to my family and friends ..

Sent by Viswanathan Ganapathyraman

Thanks for organizing our Thailand trip and it exceeded our expectations.Once again a big thank you from the entire family for all your support & guidance in making this trip a memorable one.

Sent by Veena Jayaram

Thank you very much for organizing our Jordan tour. It was really memorable and went along very smoothly. Thank you dear for dealing with everything. Will definitely contact you for our next trip

Sent by Niranjana Suresh Nair

I would like to thank Reena from the bottom of my heart for helping me go for an amazing solo trip to Bali. I was particularly impressed by her attention to detail- the handpicked restaurants and food, the water on the bus, ensuring that I had internet connectivity even when I wandered off to the middle of nowhere and confirming that I was being safe. She considered all my needs like budget, health problems, time constraints and my personal likes and dislikes and provided me with excellent suggestions. She was just an email and a message away even when I needed to ask her about the most random of things. I can't wait for my next trip so I can have fun planning my itinerary with her. Reena definitely has a repeat client in me.

Sent by Bint-E-Zahra Mukhtar Ali

A trust worthy person who understand and arrange the best for client

Sent by Alfred Mathulla

Thank you for the efforts for the trip to Salalah...We completely enjoyed the place and have been recommending your service to all our friends

Sent by Janine Wyborn

Outstanding service, Reena regularly communicated to me where we were at in the booking process, helped me with queries I had and her response time was very good. I look forward to using this service again.

Sent by Abila Joseph

I would and already do highly recommend Reena to all my family and friends. She's prompt, detail oriented and her service is as personalized as it can get. She follows up diligently to ensure that no part of the trip is overlooked. No more booking portals for me as Reena will be my Go to person for all my travel needs .