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My TC App

Reena Zafar on 26 September 2019

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The ‘My TC app’ is a MUST for EVERY traveler! Travel Counsellors offers our customers an App, called ‘My TC app’. This app can be used for holidaymakers as well as business travelers. The ‘My TC App’ has only received raving reviews from our users and we have received a whopping 4.2 out 5 for reviews on Apple. This app is unique and a fantastic addition to my personal approach as your Travel Counsellor and this is why… How does the My TC app work? ‘My TC app’ gives you access to all your travel details (including quotes) and provides an exciting countdown to your next departure. While travelling (even while off line) you can access your trip itinerary, flight e-tickets, accommodation vouchers, transfer vouchers, excursion vouchers, etc. which is all in one place – ‘My TC APP’! Other exciting values: ‘My TC app’ is a personal extension of your Travel Counsellor so that you always have me with you, wherever you are in the world. Please contact me at the touch of a button as your personal Travel Counsellor via the ‘My TC app’.

Share your trip with other In the ‘My TC app’ it’s possible to share your itinerary via an email with your family and friends or even better you can easily share it on Social Media too (watch your friends go green with envy).

Share your secret with the ‘My TC app’ If you are loving my service please don’t keep me secret! My contact details are on the app and with 1 press of a button you can share my details with your family, friends and colleagues. My business is 100% based on personal recommendations, so this would be the biggest compliment for me if you share. Travel Counsellors Customer Portal The ‘My TC app’ is also linked to the online Travel Counsellors ‘customer portal’. This is an online portal and you would use the same password details as the app. On the portal, you can also view your invoice in addition to your travel details and pay easily, securely and quickly online! The link is

‘My TC app’ for Business In addition to holiday travel the ‘My TC App’ supports the business traveler. The ‘My TC app’ allows me to stay in close contact with my business traveler. He or she can consult their travel itinerary and travel documents anytime, anywhere even while off line. If the business traveler needs to get in touch then I am one ‘1 press of a button away’ under ‘Contacts’ on the app. This app is ideal for the business traveler who is continuously on the go, the My TC app is a godsend, no prints, no loose e-mails... Simply refer to the documents in ‘My TC App’.

‘My TC app’ – Payment through a secure portal Travel Counsellors has worked hard to ensure our customers money is protected when making payment. Once you have downloaded (or accessed the online Travel Counsellors portal) you can now make payment securely on a quote which you would like to book. If you have not downloaded the ‘My TC app’ or logged on to our customer portal, please do get in touch so I can allocate a temporary password for you to gain access to this amazing app / portal.

My TC app advantages:-

Get in touch with or call on 0561604848 A few customers reviews on the App from Apple App A brilliant travel companion A great way to compliment the services from your personal Travel Counsellor. All your paperwork are online. Therefore, you do not have to search through all you emails to find the paperwork. Great Travel App The app stores all your Travel Counsellors bookings and has details, vouchers and itineraries on. It send notifications of flight changes and delays on the day of travel and helps you during the booking process to clearly see the proposals.

Effortless travel A great little app which means my holiday documents and itineraries are all in one place which makes it just so easy. It also means my travel Counsellor is in my hands whenever I need them while I am on holiday which is so reassuring.

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