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Insider Guide to Hong Kong: Top 5 Experiences

07 April 2019

Hong Kong makes a first impression like no other city, with soaring skyscrapers and a sea of neon lights harbouring an array of shopping malls and restaurants. Small wonder it is dubbed ‘Asia’s World City’.

Exploration beyond the city limits reveals luscious forests, sleepy fishing villages and outlying islands characterised by Buddhist monuments, traditional festivities and scenic walking trails. It’s a fascinating destination best visited in the cooler months of October through to December.

There is so much to see and do in Hong Kong that it can be a little overwhelming at first, so we have selected a few of our favourite experiences to be found in the city:

Ride the Peak Tram

While much of Hong Kong boasts a sophisticated, high-tech travel system, the 100-year-old Peak Tram is one of the most enduringly popular ways to observe Hong Kong’s main attractions.

Taking you 428-metres above sea level along the world’s steepest urban line railway journey, the narrowing angle of the tram as you ascend can seem like the buildings below are shifting into the mountain side. At its peak, you’ll find breathtakingly panoramic views of the city skyline.

Seafood lunch on an outlying island

With over 200 outlying islands to explore around Hong Kong, seafood restaurants serving up freshly caught dishes from the inviting waters are plentiful.

The inviting outdoor eateries in Sok Kwu Wan, a fishing town on Lamma Island, are renowned for their seafood specialities. Cheung Chau and Po Toi Island also offer enticing fare, which can be combined with a relaxing day on the beach as favourite family activity for many Hong Kong travellers. 

Watersports at Sai Kung

Adventure seekers both young and old can visit the remote rural reaches of Sai Kung peninsula for a day of beachbound activity on quiet, sandy beaches.

Many of Hong Kong’s protected parks and waters are situated here, including the renowned UNESCO-listed Global Geopark. The area’s fascinating geological landscape sees people flock from all corners of the globe to try windsurfing, kayaking, wakeboarding and diving in idyllic conditions.


Street market shopping

Aside from the boutique and designer brands found at the sprawling malls found throughout the city, a defining Hong Kong shopping experience is a local street market.

There aren’t many places in the world where you could buy bespoke speciality knives and vintage antiques in the same breath, but it’s the charming variety on offer here that makes finding a prized souvenir a thrilling experience. The Flower Market, decked out in colourful hues is a must-see; the Ladies’ Market is also popular for its clothing and accessories at bargain prices.

Visit Nan Lian Garden

A visit to Hong Kong wouldn’t be complete without a trip to some of the city’s notable landmarks.

The serene landscape of Nan Lian Garden lies juxtaposed against Diamond Hill’s high-rise apartments. Stretching over 3.5 hectares of immaculately landscaped gardens, every aspect follows the strict rules of ancient teachings and traditional Tang dynastic design.  

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