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Introducing Celebrity Flora℠ For 2019

14 April 2019

Celebrity Cruises introduces Celebrity Flora, the first ship of its kind ever to be designed and built specifically with the destination in mind —in this case, the captivating Galapagos Islands.

Celebrity Flora marks an evolutionary turning point in the approach to ship design by allowing the destination and its environment to spire and influence every decision made. From the luxurious all-suites accommodations that incorporate sustainable, natural materials that complement the destination to the Dynamic Positioning System that enables the ship to stay on station without the use of anchors to help protect the seas, Celebrity Cruises have created a ship that truly differentiates between visiting this incredible corner of the world and experiencing it.

Celebrity Flora also features Celebrity Cruises innovative outward-facing design that makes the destination the centre of attention to create a definite connection between you the guest, the ocean, and the stunning islands. By focusing the direction of spaces outward at every opportunity (including suites and even bathrooms), they virtually erase the boundaries between ship and destination to create a sense of truly being in the destination, experiencing the destination, instead of just visiting it.

What’s onboard?

Onboard Celebrity Flora℠ there’s a wealth of open spaces and comfortable areas in which to unwind and learn. The Discovery Lounge will play host to fascinating presentations from the ship’s Naturalists, so you can find out all about your destination before your arrival, giving you a true feel for your port of call.

The Observatory is home to a library brimming with books and information about The Galapagos, so you can make sure you’re fully clued up before you get there. The floor to ceiling windows offer stunning views so you can sit back with a book, relax, and take in the sights.

For dining there’s the Seaside restaurant which offers sumptuous meals, and you are invited to relax at the al fresco bar ‘The Vista’ - a South Beach inspired hang out spot where you can enjoy the sun with a drink or gaze up at the stars.

All the rooms onboard Celebrity Flora℠ are suites, featuring incredible designs and indulgent amenities so that you can unwind in luxury after a long day exploring. The stunning ‘Ultimate Sky Suite’ gives unrivalled views of the surrounding scenery, meaning you can invite the outdoors in!

Explore the Ecuadorian Archipelago…

With 14 ports of call on the agenda, touring the Galapagos with Celebrity Cruises is a guaranteed action-packed adventure. Embarking from Baltra, cruise to Daphne Island to see incredible wildlife including sea lions, pelicans and tropical birds. During the voyage you will also head to Puerto Egas, Rabida and Elizabeth Bay to snorkel with the marine life and enjoy the stunning scenery of the volcanic islands. 

Hike up a tuff cone at Tagus Bay for unrivalled scenery of Darwin’s Lake, then walk across the geological wonderland of Sullivan Bay over blackened craters and lava. Puerto Ayora is home to a giant tortoise reserve and plenty of lush vegetation, where you can even head out to the island and do some shopping on this varied excursion of leisure, exploration and recreation.

 What’s included?

There’s a whole host of amenities and services onboard to make your trip as homely as possible.This includes... 


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