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Let me introduce myself as Zahara, born and raised in Kenya, educated in Europe, worked in North America and now living in the UAE for the past 16 years.

My hospitality career began 26 years ago in a little town situated in the Swiss Alps and this is where my love for travel began. Travel is my passion, so you are knocking on the right door! A foodie at heart, an adventure enthusiast and a mother of 2 kids, I am able to tailor your experiences to whatever you are looking for. Child-friendly vacations are my forte as you can imagine- be done with trips where all you do is babysit, dads and mums you need the break too.

From the highest peaks to the lowest beaches I have seen it all and I am so excited to continue living this through the eyes of my clients.

Have you ever thought you could sleep under the stars in the wilderness of the Masai Mara reserve? Or go on a safari in the Serengeti and see a lion so close you could almost touch it? How about a breathtaking bubbly breakfast after a sunrise balloon safari, smelling spices in the old market of Zanzibar, or waking up on a serene beach where your feet can touch clear blue waters as you step out of the door? Well, you can do all that and more!

If you are looking for something different perhaps there's London or Paris for shoppers, skiing as close as Prague and Armenia, golfing in Spain and of course, there's always the UAE and its fabulous staycations. The list is endless!

I am your personalized Travel Counsellor, I can do it all for you. Why bother with all the hassles of constantly spending hours on the internet or following up with others? This is your chance to sit back and relax, leave it all to me to take care of. So, for your next vacation or business trip call me or e-mail me and I look forward to creating lasting memories for you.


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With independent access to hundreds of travel suppliers around the world, I can pick out exceptional offers with amazing added value. Take a look through my latest selections – but even if nothing catches your eye, let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll do my best to find it for you!

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