Why book with us?

Responsible travel

We know many people are as passionate as us about responsible travel

We care for our people, our customers and our communities – both those we live in and those we send our customers to every day. Your Travel Counsellor can give you advice on the right steps to make a positive impact through your travel.

Everyone who joins Travel Counsellors signs up to our commitment to learn about and consider responsible tourism in every holiday they create. We provide training to enable our community to advise on more sustainable travel choices to their customers, and have developed the ‘Green Leaf’ label to denote products that meet sustainability standards recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, so that customers can make more informed decisions on the products they book. 

As part of this commitment we have partnered with international charity The Travel Foundation, working together to help leave a better world for future generations to enjoy and explore. 

For us at Travel Counsellors, sustainable travel is also related to more authentic travel experiences – visiting unspoilt places and immersing oneself in the local culture is our passion and one that’s shared with our customers. 

Your Travel Counsellor can suggest excursions using local companies and guides as well as recommending local treats to look out for in your destinations, from locally made souvenirs to regional specialities in bars, cafés and restaurants.

Our promise to protect

Responsible travel is something we really care about at Travel Counsellors, which is why we work with international charity The Travel Foundation to make that happen, and to help us leave a better world for future generations to enjoy and explore.

Tips for a more responsible holiday

The world’s most treasured places are precious. We have a responsibility to help make sure they stay that way. Here are some tips on how you can ensure you have a positive impact...