What to do in Medina, Saudi Arabia

Traditionally known for as one of the world’s biggest oil producers and for the holy Muslim cities of Mecca and Medina, dates and camels; Saudi Arabia also has 5 UNESCO Heritage Sites, 3 deserts, a hospitable population, numerous archaeological sites and natural attractions.

Top Attractions


Majestically standing amidst the plains and valleys, Mount Uhud is considered an important destination for pilgrims looking to admire the imposing castles and rock engravings. The mountain is distinguished by its red colour due to the density of red granite stones, and it features several ancient caves in addition to a group of rare plants and herbs.

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The complex is located south of Mount Sala’, where the Battle of the Trench took place - a historical siege attempt on Yathrib by Arab and Jewish tribes in efforts to defeat the Muslims in Madinah. Surprisingly, the complex is home to just six mosques and not seven like the name suggests; however, the Qiblatain Mosque, which is located one kilometre away from the other mosques, has long been considered part of the complex.

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Established in 1900 with the main purpose of creating a connection between the capital of the Ottoman Empire and Hejaz, the site of the holiest shrines of Islam and the holy city of Makkah, Hejaz Railway Station’s main objective was to facilitate transportation for Muslim worshippers and pilgrims instead of camel caravans. Today, the station has become a tourist destination that features a memorial to symbolise its historical importance.

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