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Envisage your perfect holiday destination and you will find Mauritius. Visit Mauritius and you will be amazed by the abundance of experiences to be had on and beyond the island. In Mauritius you can scale up mountains, jump into waterfalls, fly out of planes, dive to the depths of the Indian Ocean, survey the lush landscape on horseback … or simply allow the gentle trade winds to sway your hammock from side to side. The sun shines all year round in Mauritius … so make your trip to this paradise idyll happen in 2019!

If indeed it’s possible to tire of Mauritian beaches, you’ll be able to choose from an extraordinary range of leisure, historic and cultural attractions to suit practically any interest. If you’re looking for wild wonders of a different nature, you’ll want to head to the extraordinary Black River Gorges National Park – where ancient forests protect some of Africa’s most endangered bird species. Going off the beaten track offers wonderful rewards in Mauritius!

The towns and villages of Mauritius are every bit as lively, with Port Louis home to some well-preserved colonial buildings and some bustling markets to enjoy. For a more active Mauritian getaway, you’ll never have to go too far for world-class snorkelling, extreme sports opportunities and beautiful hiking. By the time you’ve experienced everything Mauritius has to offer, you’ll be yearning for its beaches!

As a holidaymaker on the island you’ll also become well acquainted with its take on blissful luxury. There are some truly spectacular resorts on the island, with facilities to leave you amazed – but even the less-exclusive accommodation offers a warmth of welcome which you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. You’ll find Michelin-starred fine dining alongside amazing flavours from the humblest of street vendors. Whether it’s the affection of its people or the awe-inspiring sunsets, Mauritius is an island which will stay with you.

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