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Do you wake up some days and feel like something is missing?

What do kids who dream of sailing the seas as pirates or even face fire breathing Dragons on daring rescue missions have in common with Xuanzang, Ibn Batutta, Marco Polo, Leaf Ericsson, James Cook, Amelia Earhart, Mark Twain, Niel Armstrong or even Felix Baumgartner have in common?

Let me let you in on a little Secret...

You see, most (if not all) of us - are born with an insatiable curiosity and a longing for adventure. This world we find ourselves born into is (still) as big as our imagination, probably bigger! The yearning to go out there and see it all is maddening when we had just taken our first steps and (for some people) became tempered with passing time, "Adult wisdom" (read: procrastinators of the world, I got you :)), responsibilities, diminishing confidence and maybe even some good ol' fashioned laziness.

Nearly 23 years ago, I told myself, 'This world is AWESOME and I'm going to see it all!'. I have been fortunate enough to experience the world and all it has to offer over the years - as a wide-eyed young woman (with a very healthy dose of irrational optimism), as a more mature woman deep in the throes of love, as a first-time mother (with an obsession for organization and compulsion for cleanliness), as a more experienced mother (who understands when to fuss and when - as Elsa calls it - 'to just let it go') and now as a Travel Counsellor.

Well, there I go again! I haven't introduced myself yet...

I'm Roxanne. Mother, Traveller, ex-Cabin Crew and Travel Counsellor.
Now, that we've got that out of the way, let's focus on the more important part - you.

When people say "I've seen it all" - you know instinctively that they are most likely the exaggerating type. Unless of course, they were a flight attendant for 20+ years, rubbed shoulders with celebrities, leaders, happy people and not-so-happy people; from all walks of life and for different airlines operating in different parts of planet Earth... Well, in that case: they've probably seen most of it all!

You've just become independent and you're flying out of the nest for the first time and want to experience what it's like to go out there in the world and not have to worry about too much scary stuff? I am here to help you!

Your life has become too messy and you need to take a breath far away from it all? I've got you fam!

You're working hard, harder than most people you know and feel that value for your hard-earned money is the most important aspect of spending your money? Say no more, I hear you!

You work, work and work and people around you are imploring you to take a breather, but you know that they're all wrong, after all - you're fine, right? Come on right over here - we have GOT to chat!

You really need to do something else, or you'll lose your mind - but the baby! Oh, the baby! Right this way folks, let me show you the way.

You're constantly tired, mentally exhausted and emotionally burnt-out. You want to go away from it all but the kids must be there. The kids. After all, we are supposed to say how amazing they are and all, right? Well, keep your seatbelts fastened - you are in for an awesome ride.

You have done it! You've accomplished it all, the job, the family or even that big beautiful house with the award-winning gardens, the immaculate lawns and champagne for breakfast. Now, you're ticking things off a certain list or another. Happy to help you do it all and have fun while doing it too!

And if you don't fit in with any of those folks (odds are you don't); you're different, discerning, unique or maybe just plain odd. No worries. Walk me through your thoughts of travel and we'll get you somewhere where the experience is sure to stay with you forever!

That's because travel, isn't a thing. It's a life.


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