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Petra Weidl

Petra Weidl

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I have been in Dubai now since 20 years and loving it!
My passion is travelling, seeing new countries and experiencing new cultures.

Just past 12 month have brought me back to countries I had visited before, but also 3 new countries: Georgia, Croatia & Zimbabwe. All three are very different from each other and wonderful in their own right. Let's see where 2018 will bring me: so far I have planned a short trip to Monaco, an epic adventure to Bhutan and a long weekend to Romania.

Why choose me to arrange your next trip?
I have been in the Luxury Hotel & Travel Industry since more than 25 years and coupled with my own travel experiences I have extensive knowledge in this industry.
For most people it can be very time-consuming, tiring and even confusing to search numerous sites in order to prepare your perfect and well-deserved holiday. Let me do the search for you and take this burden off your shoulders. I look forward to designing your personalized itinerary or parts of it if this is what you require. Your dream vacation or just a short local get-away…this can be a luxury holiday, a honeymoon, a cruise, an adventure or cultural holiday or just a beach vacation anywhere in the world; a family holiday, a couple, a group of friends or solo travellers.

As a Travel Counsellor and your personal point of contact for all travel requirements, I take care of your vacation planning while providing you with the highest possible service because your trip and holiday experience is very important to me.

I specialize in honeymoons, luxury travel, family vacations, around-the-world-trips & adventure travel.

I look forward to meeting you and designing your special vacation!



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With independent access to hundreds of travel suppliers around the world, I can pick out exceptional offers with amazing added value. Take a look through my latest selections – but even if nothing catches your eye, let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll do my best to find it for you!

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