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Mini break Bangkok

Neelima Tandon on 20 October 2013

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Beneath the dust and chaos Bangkok is packed with things to do and places to see. We loved this vibrant and urban big city with all its life, delicious street food, green and lush parks, amazing shopping and some of the biggest markets in the world!

It’s a place full of choices for hotels and we chose to stay at Centara Water Gate right in the center of the town. Great hotel and value for money but no swimming pool – but we did not need any with our day full of activities and late evenings!

There are magnificent temples everywhere, are so many that you could not possibly see them all in one short trip, so do some research ahead. It’s also a must to start your day early as most of these sites close around 3:30pm and there is plenty to see and do. WAT PHO the gigantic reclining Buddha is a massive 160ft golden Buddha statue lying on its side. It is remarkable and illustrates Buddha entering Nirvana (Buddha’s death).

The Grand palace – was once the official residence of the King and will take you a half day to get around.

Go shopping at Siam or Chatuchak weekend market – If you are staying in Bangkok during a weekend, this market is a must! Here you will find just about anything you can imagine both useful and not so useful! Or go to the modern side of Bangkok and visit the Siam area for shopping.

No visit to Bangkok is complete without indulging is some of the many culinary delights and since we both love Thai food, we decided to binge-eat our way through!!

Somtam (Papaya salad), Pad Thai (Thai style flat noodles ), Spicy Thai curry , Tom yum , Massaman curry, green curry and the ultimate Thai desert Khao Neow ( sweet sticky rice topped with slice of mango)... yumm!!!

And if you are an Indian or love Indian food – A must try is SARAS - restaurant own by a very dear friend of mine and is very popular in Sukhumvit area. Try the crisp and crunchy dosai, dip into North Indian chaat fare and drink tea that is served in earthern cups. Of course there is curry, the fruity, ice-cold delights of falooda, Gujarati and Rajasthani delights. Indian food at its best.

So whatever your itinerary be long or short, you are sure to see the city’s highlights and experience the culture. Call me for more details on where to stay and what to do.

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