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The Grand Canyon - a view from above, or if you choose from the inside

Linda Willemse on 06 July 2019

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An aerial perspective – take a helicopter or fixed wing flight over the Grand Canyon to grasp the magnitude of this World Heritage site! The canyon is massive with a north, east, south and east rim to visit (though the north rim is closed for some months during the year due to weather conditions). The south rim is open year round with plenty of accommodation options from hotels to camping, be sure to pre-book at least 3 months in advance as spaces fill up quickly. You can get there by plane, rental car or train. Once in the Grand Canyon South Rim Village you can rent bicycles to get around or make use of the free shuttle busses between points. While in the park keep an eye out for elk wondering through the village as well as a number of different bird species. If you dare to hike down the Grand Canyon on the Bright Angel trail be sure to take plenty of water and sun protection as the return hike is steep and may take you twice the time compared to hiking down – keep an eye on your watch! There are a number of short day hikes around the south rim viewing areas to various lookout points as well as some overnight hikes (such as the Bright Angel trail). You can easily find food at the shops and restaurants in the Village. The Grand Canyon is a wheelchair & pet friendly destination rewarding visitors with incredible sights of the massive canyon with its red, yellow, green and brown colour spectrum. This is totally worth a visit at least once in your life!

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