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Lake Tahoe - ski in winter or bunbathe in summer

Linda Willemse on 13 July 2019

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Ski in winter or sunbathe in summer. Among one of the oldest fresh water lakes in the world, Lake Tahoe has a surface elevation of 1,897 m and depth of up to 501m. In winter the surrounding mountains lie white with powder snow - ideal for snowboarding and skiing with easy access via cable cars. In summer months you can cycle & hike the mountains and surrounding areas or enjoy boat rides, swimming in the lake or simply relaxing on the shores of the lake. Accommodation varies from camping to luxury hotels with loads of options. The towns around the lake offers plenty of shopping & dining out. South Lake Tahoe is my personal favourite with its breath-taking views of the lake and yummy cuisine. The drive to and from South Lake Tahoe leads you over winding scenic mountain passes with lush green forests, mountain peaks and deep valleys with rushing rivers below.

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