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Hello! My name is Diendra and I'm very happy to be your Personal Travel Counsellor.

This heart of mine was made to travel the world and now I am ready to walk with you to help you discover what travel is all about! I will share with you all my experience to prove to you that travel is worth any cost. The world is an interesting book and only those who travel will know the real beauty of it! Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Being in the travel and aviation industry for many years have opened my eyes to a whole new world. Within this time frame, I have been both a leisure and a corporate traveller, where I have travelled to many countries across the world. From Asia to southeast Asia, the Middle East to Europe and all the way to the USA.

I am an expert in creating holiday packages for all parts of the globe. From a short business trip to long family vacations, short city breaks to a couples' getaway. A holiday in the bustling colourful cities to relaxing hideaways in little towns and valleys amongst breath-taking mountains and beautiful landscape. A luxury getaway on a sunny beach or a cycling tour. An ocean cruise or a crazy shopping spree. Whichever holiday you are looking for, whether you are a single traveller or a group of travellers my mission is to put together a picture-perfect holiday to suit all your requirements. I will do all it takes to make your holiday an unforgettable experience. A holiday you will treasure for a lifetime.

Why go through all the hassle and stress dealing with many travel agents and trawling the internet to look for options to plan your holiday when I am just a call away? I have the ability to cater to all of your expectations, wants and needs. I am all yours 24/7 from the beginning of your holiday during and even after your holiday. Whether your travel is international or domestic.

My dedication is a promise to ensure your holiday is a "dream holiday" come true, which is why it makes me the most suitable travel counsellor to handle your holiday! With me it's personal! I deliver what I promise you!

"I work to Travel" -Diendra Sansoni-


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I absolutely live and breathe travel and I love to write about my experiences! Please take a look through my posts - you might find your own holiday inspiration.

Greece -My Dream Destination

23 January 2017

Our annual leave requests were confirmed and we were now so excited to start planning our yearly holidays. As a kid my dream destination to visit was Magnificent Greece.... A childhood dream and so we decided to finally make it happen. At that time "He" was my boyfriend and we had both requested for the same annual leave slots so we could travel together. Once we found out we had our leave request confirmed for June "He" decided he was definitely taking me to Greece. Our very first holiday together as a couple. Ooh how romantic. Later in the afternoon we started to plan our trip to Greece. We sat down strolling the internet on where to go and what to do. I then suggested we contact a travel company to look into our trip. One stop shop as I would say! By then "He" had already decided that he wants to take me to Oia, Santorini, Mykonos and Athens. Santorini for some relaxing romantic time away, Mykonos to bring out the crazy child in us. Lots of partying and tanning and then to visit the ancient Acropolis (Panthenon), Our travel agent looked after our flights from Italy to Greece and our hotel accommodation. We booked our international flights by ourselves since we both were flying for an international Airline. She booked for us one of THE best hotel apartments in Oia, Santorini. A beautiful property overlooking the Aegean Sea with the perfect view of the Caldera. (Volcano) A stretch of crystal clear waters... So blue, bright and beautiful. The hotel apartments are set in the midst of all the other beautiful houses, villas, etc. All layered out on a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea. Almost all the buildings are painted in blue and white. The very same colours you would see in the Greek Flag. It was afternoon when we arrived in Oia, Santorini. We arrived at the reception, our apartment keys were handed over and Oliver and his brother helped with our bags. Climbing up the the tiny winding stone stairways were a challenge since we were tired after a 14 hour journey. Oliver and his brother made it look so simple even while having to carry our "My" heavy bags. We finally made it to our apartment. Everything so clean and white. It felt like I was in a crystal clear white egg shell. That would be the exact description of our apartment. The doorways to the living room, our room and the bathroom were oval shaped. I LOVED it We freshened up, then enjoyed a chilled glass of white wine on our Terrence while we admired the beauty of Oia. The blue sea, the tiny stairways and the blue and white buildings. I fell in love with Greece all over again. Later we set out to explore the streets, shops, restaurants and of course we squeezed in a little photo shoot. "He" has a passion for photography and I was the model ;) Apart from all the natural beauty I was surrounded by, the one other thing that caught my eye was all the jewelry. Oh my lord! I couldn't get enough of it. It was my first day and I had already bought such a lot of jewelry. I fell in love with anything and everything that had an opal stone. The colours just made me feel so happy. "He" had to keep dragging me out of all the jewelry shops that I stopped by. "He" kept saying we have another four days to shop :D.. That helped me make up my mind to move on to doing other things. Like shopping for oil paintings and so many other beautiful painting which were done on wood. After a few hours of wandering around Oia we found a beautiful little restaurant overlooking the Aegean Sea. Of course. We decide to have dinner here. Everything on the menu sounded and looked scrumptious. We couldn't decide on which one to order. We somehow managed to order something which looked mouth-watering. Stuffed Calamari for him and Lamb shank for me. The food was too good to be true. The day came to an end and we had already enjoyed so much. The next four days we spent exploring Santorini. We visited the Red beach, black beach, Ammoudi Bay, Church of Panagia-Oia, a few hidden beaches, small art galleries, Fira the main town of Santorini, we took a sunset cruise, and watched the Sunset everyday… The sunset is Magical in Santorini. Off to our next adventure Mykonos. Four nights of nonstop parties and the ideal beach life. We already had our gorgeous tan on. A little more of sun and voila the perfect exotic couple :D In Mykonos we stayed at a hotel right next to Tropicana beach club. It was great. We started off our mornings with some relaxing time on the beach, afternoons at the tropicana beach club, more time on the beach then a quick change and off to explore the night life. Mykonos is such a vibrant and fun place to visit. We spent the next three days exploring the many beautiful beaches this island has to offer and of course the beautiful town of Mykonos. We visited Paradise beach, Super paradise beach, Agios Loannis beach, Lia, and Paraga Beach. By far Paraga beach is my favourite. There's something about this beach that makes me feel so relaxed and cheerful. Our days in Mykonos were spent on the beach, we had lunch on the beach, quiet dinners at beautiful little restaurants and we attended some fun parties where world famous DJ's played. If you want to go on a fun getaway with your partner, friends, girls or boys trip then Mykonos it is. Such a fun place to be. Our holiday is coming to a close. The last leg of our trip would be Athens. We stayed at a small hotel in Plaka. Which is close to everything. Three nights in Athens. The first night was spent doing nothing. Just relaxing after our trip from Mykonos to Athens. A nice big dinner in Plaka and some good night’s rest. The next morning we had breakfast in Plaka, we explored the the streets. Then we visited the Acropolis, the Panthenon. It was a long walk to the Acropolis but it was so worth it. Such an ancient and beautiful piece of history. It was absolutely amazing. The view of the city from right up there was breathtaking. I wouldn't suggest visiting the acropolis if you have any difficulties walking. It's a long walk so only do it if you are sure that you can handle the rough trek. There's no point starting off and then returning down half way through. We spent the next day visiting friends. Long walks, good food and great conversations. To us this was the perfect way to end our fabulous trip to Greece. A wonderful and memorable holiday! I have now checked off my dream destination from my bucket list. On to the next dream destination--> Hawaii.


23 January 2017

A trip to Barbados... My kind of holiday... It was our very first time to the Caribbean. Another place that I have been longing to visit. Initially we were deciding between Barbados and Vietnam, but since I have travelled a lot in Asia I decided to pick Barbados even though it was the hurricane season. "He" who I now call my husband had no choice but to start planning our trip to Barbados. As he says "Happy Wife, Happy Life" :)) So the planning began. As I own my travel business so I am able to book all my travel by myself. I am now THE "one stop shop" like I mentioned in my blog about Greece.. The first leg of the trip was from Abu Dhabi to New York. A three hour layover and another flight to Barbados. The journey was long and tiring, but I remained positive. From all the pictures I've seen and all the wonderful reviews I've read about Barbados I knew this long journey was well worth it. I booked this beautiful little property just by the beach in Christchurch. It looked perfect for us I was confident that it would be just the same as in the pictures. We had a garden villa booked and I was impatient to wake up the next morning, I so desperately wanted to look outside and admire the beauty of this picture perfect place. It's a beautiful bright morning here in Barbados, We rushed for breakfast. I felt like I hadn't eaten for days. I guess it was the time difference that made me feel this way. The breakfast buffet was set outdoosr. As soon as I walk outside towards the breakfast buffet there it was the pristine turquoise blue waters.... So clear and magical. Words cannot explain how beautiful it is. The view was perfect. A living postcard indeed. A Lovely breakfast, surrounded by sparrows, seven sister birds and of course the magnificent view of the sea. Mornings like this are priceless. On our list was to visit many beaches, a visit to the Harrison's Cave, Mount Gay distilleries and a visit to the Banks Brewery. After a hearty tuck-in we took a trip to the local shopping mall. I purchased a local SIM so my customers could still be in touch with me even while I was on holiday and it was the cheapest option to surf the internet so we could explore Barbados by ourselves. The next day we decided to rent a car and beach hop. We spent the rest of our time exploring most of the beaches. We visited Miami beach, Dover, Sandy Beach, Brownes, Brighton, Mullins Bay, Paynes Bay, Bath, Bathsheba, Paradise, Pebbles, Rockley, Silver Sands Beach, Crane, Carlisle Bay, and Bottom Bay. My favorite was Rockley, Mullins Bay, Sandy Lane beach and Carlisle Bay. On the third day we visited Harrison's Cave. This is a must do when visiting Barbados. Words can't do justice to the beauty of the Caves. The caves are naturally formed by water erosion through the limestone rock. The calcium-rich water that runs through the caves have formed the unusual stalactites and stalagmites formations. The caves were first mentioned in historical documents in 1795, and were rediscovered in the early 1970s by Ole Sorensen and Tony Mason. The next day we visited the Mount Gay distilleries. This was such a fun experience. Rum Tasting was definitely a lot fun. The ticket includes the cost of the entrance fee and one complimentary drink. I must say, once you taste the Mount Gay Rum you would want it more and more. The bartender at the distillery prepared some fantastic cocktails using this fine Rum. The next few days we enjoyed time on the beach and of course this fine rum which never failed to bring a smile upon our faces. Our holiday have now come to an end. A bag full of souvenirs, bottles of rum but more than anything what I am taking with me is such wonderful memories. Memories that would last a life time. What touched me most about this place was the people. The people of Barbados are extremely friendly. They are cheerful, willing to help and very easy going. They seem so relaxed. They make life look so easy. I felt like I was going back home to my family! The people of Barbados made us feel LOVED! Which is hard to come across in many other countries. I was definitely not ready to fly back home. I wish I could stay a little longer.... Until next time Barbados.. You will be missed!

My customer stories

Sent by William Bromley

Diendra arranged travel for my wife and I to Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Jordan, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, and Morroco. These trips were made over about 3 years. Diendra always provided us with exceptional service, and always ensured we had top notch experiences wherever we traveled. I highly recommend that you engage hee assistance whever you choose to visit.


Diendra has been excellent for my wife and I. We where referred to her by our dentist and she has been everything that we were told that she would be. We explained to her where we wanted to travel and how we wanted to relax and she delivered perfectly. Regards, Eric Long

Sent by Kirk Watilo

We took a trip to Thailand and used Diendra as our agent. She was amazing, and checked to ensure we were picked up and delivered when appropriate and interfaced with the tour companies throughout our trip. What a joy knowing she was a whatsapp away!

Sent by Emanuele Alberghini

Im very happy to choose diendra as my travel advisor she is very helpful and she always try to her best to please her costumers, I really recommend diendra for any plan trips in the future.

Sent by Najwana Attisha

From my experience with the lovely travel agent Diendra , I can tell that the plan she did for me and my family was the best , we travelled to Spain , and she was the one who organized the hotels , flights, train tickets, etc. everything was booked ahead of time. the hotel booking were more than what we except regarding to our budget. Diffeninty will deal with her again. And I highly recommend her for this business, because of a simple thing , she is professional, dedicated to her work, understand the need of others.

Sent by Sara Cestelli

My experience with Diendra is sublime. With her everything is organised, easy and comfortable. I feel like a princess when I travel with her because I have to think about nothing, she does everything for me: flights, transferts, hotels, visits and so on. She always finds the best location for your requirements and she pais specific attention to your requests. So I can really relax myself and enjoy my holiday. I strongly recommend this experience to everyone!

Sent by Michael Fuerste

Diendra, On behalf of family Fuerste, we would like to thank you and say how fabulous our recent European holiday was – from the time Kerrie and the girls boarded the plane in Canberra, Australia, met me in Abu Dhabi, and off we went on to Madrid, Spain then Paris, France and back home again. All the transfers, hotel bookings, car hire and sightseeing trips that were planned and your advise was warmly received and made our trip very memerable. Thanks for all of your help in designing and delivering on the vacation. Very much appreciated your guiding us through the holiday maze – we definitely feel that you got us the best deal. And we will definitely contact you for future vacations Kindest regards, Michael

Sent by Jason Stafford

Hi D, Just wanted to say thank-you for the time and effort you put in to making my holiday to Italy and Morocco an experience I will remember for a lifetime. Your 24/7 on call assistance, patience, sense of humour, knowledge and professionalism exceeded expectations, and as I have done already, have no hesitation in recommending you to family and friends. Kind Regards, Jason Stafford