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Trusted Travel: Why you should book your next holiday with Travel Counsellors

16 March 2020

When it comes to travel, it’s important to know that you are booking with someone you can trust, someone dependable, and someone who understands your precise needs every step of the way.

Booking with Travel Counsellors delivers the peace of mind that your every requirement will be met, no matter what. We prioritise trust and make it our business to ensure it sits at at the centre of everything we do.


A message from Travel Counsellors CEO

22 March 2020

I hope you, along with your friends, family and loved ones, are keeping safe and well at this difficult time.

I wanted to personally get in touch to let you know what we’re doing here at Travel Counsellors to keep our people and our travellers safe, and to thank you for your continued support.


Top 10 travel activities you can do from home

27 March 2020

Looking for some inspiration while being inside your home. Take a look at our Travel Counsellors recommended Top 10 Travel activities you can do from home.


Book a Shortcation and WIN with Ras Al Khaimah Tourism

18 June 2020

Holiday against the backdrop of pristine beaches and majestic mountains. Only a 45-minute drive away from Dubai, UAE residents can enjoy an unforgettable ‘Shortcation’ in Ras Al Khaimah with additional benefits for everyone!


Unique adventures in Spain

23 June 2019

With everything from spectacular coastlines to captivating history, it’s no wonder Spain is one of the most popular destinations in the world for travellers. The stretches of sparkling coastline like Costa Brava’s pine forests and the surf-lashed north Basque shore are just the beginning.


5 Fun Family Adventure Destinations

23 June 2019

Give your kids the gift of an unforgettable, action-packed getaway by arranging an epic adventure holiday the whole family can enjoy. We’ve got a few suggestions…


Cultural riches of India

14 May 2020

India continues to draw travellers from across the globe for its natural wonders, cultural richness and awe-inspiring sights. India boasts a startling array of world-famous attractions: from the historic Red Fort of Old Delhi, to the glimmering Golden Temple of Amritsar, the ghats of Varanasi, the desert palaces of Rajasthan, the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, the cool alpine air of Darjeeling and, of course, the immortal Taj Mahal.


30 travel stories celebrating 30 years of adventure

14 July 2019

30 travel stories celebrating 30 years of adventure - To celebrate thirty years of adventure, travel mishaps, crazy food experiences and incredible encounters, we’ve asked our Intrepid staff and leaders around the world to share their most memorable travel moment. Here’s what they had to say.


The other side of luxury

31 March 2019

When most people think of luxury, they imagine the most opulent suites and accommodations, lavish amenities and not having to lift a finger. But there can be another side to luxury too – take a look at these suggestions for luxury getaways without a marble bathroom in sight.


Discover more of Switzerland with Swiss Rail Pass

25 July 2019

Exploring Switzerland has never been easier! The all-in-one ticket Swiss Travel Pass is the key to Switzerland’s public transport network.


Our pick of the world’s best cycling destinations

28 July 2019

This week sees the world’s cycling elite line up for the 106th Tour de France and there’s plenty reason to be excited.


Our pick of the top resorts for golfers

28 July 2019

With the start of golf’s biggest annual event, the Masters, we’ve decided to pool together the knowledge and expertise of our Travel Counsellors and get their recommendations for the world’s top golfing resorts. If you want to play 18 holes in the day then retire to the lap of luxury in the evening, then read on to find out where you could be enjoying your next golfing escapade.


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