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Your Travel Counsellor can book the little 'extras' to take your holiday experience to the next level

25 April 2021

A Travel Counsellor is the ultimate resource for anyone planning their travels. With a wealth of knowledge and contacts at their fingertips, they can craft the perfect personalised holiday for any traveller and can include the added extras that elevate your experience to the next level.



Travel Counsellors are able to book you into the most incredible attractions and experiences at any destination. From wildlife spotting to adventurous excursions, or relaxing spa days, your travel Counsellor can arrange the very best attractions to guarantee that you get the most from your holiday. By drawing on their vast pool of knowledge you can rest assured that you will only be experiencing the cream of what your destination has to offer and at a competitive price.


Let your Travel Counsellor lend their knowledge and assist you by breaking down the jargon found in most insurance policies to give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Car Hire

Offering competitive prices in over 160 Countries worldwide at more than 50,0000 locations, Travel Counsellors will have a car at a location to suit you and your travel needs, all without the hassle. They even have the advantageous position of knowing your travel plans so can offer you some reliable advice.

Airport extras

Speak to your Travel Counsellor about arranging a wide range of airport extras to enhance your travel plans. Ask your Travel Counsellor to book an airport hotel, to remove the need for an early start before your flight, or arrange some leisurely time in an airport lounge for you to get your holiday started sooner.  


To find out about all these services and more, contact your Travel Counsellor today and take advantage of a range of benefits including our 24-hour duty office ready to assist you before, during and after your stay. 

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