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Top 10 travel activities you can do from home

27 March 2020

Looking for some inspiration while being inside your home. Take a look at our Travel Counsellors' recommended Top 10 Travel activities you can do from home.


1 – Update your travel bucket list

Where have you been so far and where are the next 5 places you want to visit? If you are in need of some inspiration you can view our destination guides here –


2 – Get there on Pinterest

Download the Pinterest app and you can create a board for each of your 5 places. You can then pin pictures of the things you want to see whilst you are there and the things you will do during your visit.


3- Learn a new language

Can you take time now to start studying a new language that will prove useful when you visit one of your chosen destinations? There are lots of online language schools and content on YouTube so that you can communicate with the locals when you get there.


4 – Check out Travel Counsellors UAE on YouTube


5 – Subscribe to Conde Nast Traveller Middle East

Condé Nast Traveller Middle East is the leading luxury travel lifestyle magazine in the GCC. You can subscribe to have the publication delivered to your door or via email -


6 – Follow your personal Travel Counsellor on social media

If you don’t already have a Travel Counsellor you can find one and links to their social media pages here –


7 - Share your travel stories

Blog or share pictures of your most recent or most memorable trips on social media, your friends and family also need reminded of halcyon days. Don’t forget to tag your Travel Counsellor


8 – Learn about Sustainable Travel

Knowing what it means to ensure tourism brings greater benefits for local people and economies in destinations, offering positive choices which are not harmful to people, animals or the environment.-


9 – Organise your travel essentials

Does your luggage need a clean up? Baby wipes are great for removing scuffs and marks. Have you invested in packing cubes yet? You can find them online and they make packing and finding items so much easier. Tidy out your travel toiletries bag and keep in mind the 100ml limit for all liquids, gels, creams and similar substances in your carry-on luggage.


10- Watch reruns of your favourite travel programs.

Whilst you are staying home and in need of some escapism travel TV shows are a great idea. Some of our Travel Counsellors favourites are listed here –  

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