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Spotlight on Greece

01 August 2021

Skiathos in Greece

Glorious beaches overlooked by ancient ruins, turquoise seas, wonderful fresh food, and welcoming Greek hospitality mean that Greece continues to be a sought-after destination.

There are so many different parts of Greece to explore and its charm will delight everyone from sunseekers to history buffs. Discover the breathtaking Ionian islands, nestled in their sheltered position on the western side of Greece. Explore ancient history in Athens. Experience the dazzling white buildings and postcard-perfect beaches of Santorini…

Read on to find out what to see, do, and eat on your next trip to Greece.

Did you know?

Rhodes, Greece

 When to visit Greece

View of Athens from the Acropolis

Travel Counsellor Sarah visited Athens in July 2016 with her 10-year-old daughter: "The highlight of Athens was most definitely the Acropolis. It is well worth visiting the museum first, which gives fantastic views of the Parthenon from the gallery, built in alignment with the temple, and a virtual replica of the cella of the Parthenon. It showcases the temple’s sculptures and 160m long frieze, which for the first time in more than 200 years is shown in sequence. [I think] The walk to the top of the Acropolis should be done at the end of the day, when it is cooler and the evening sun complements the colour of the ancient temples."

Sights to see in Greece

Kefalonia (Cephalonia) in Greece

Travel Counsellor Neelima visited the Greek Isles in April 2016: "We arrived at Santorini via a fast ferry (SeaJet) from Mykonos to this pearl of the Aegean. Everywhere I looked was a picture perfect moment, caldera view, inky blue water, pretty blue domed churches, hundreds of whitewashed buildings and to see the sun dive into the Aegean Sea – it truly is a sight to behold. And then, the day brings you the hour where you make it to the top of Oia so you can celebrate your day with the breathtaking sunset!"

Try something a little different…

Beach in Halkidiki

Travel Counsellor Penny visited Skiathos and Skopelos in August 2016: "In total you can find more than 50 beaches on Skiathos, which is of course quite a few for such a relatively small island. Because of the fine white sand (and small white pebbles on some of them) and the clear waters, the colour of the sea is usually a beautiful turquoise or green blue, and very inviting for a swim. The island is just 19 miles long but a hire car is a must if wanting to explore the more remote North of the island, otherwise the island is served by a regular bus service between Skiathos Town and Port down the coast to Koukanaries, at a cost of just €2 per person one way. 

Skopelos Town is a lovely place to just meander through the side streets, souvenir hunting and stumbling across a taverna for lunch. We ended the trip with a visit to Agios Ioannis, the site of the famous church scene in Mamma Mia - simply stunning!"

A taste of Greece

Zakynthos in Greece

Penny also raved about the food she tried during her stay in Skiathos: "We ate at many restaurants but our favourite was the Victoria Taverna in Troulos. We were so impressed, we literally worked our way through the whole menu! From lamb kleftiko to baklava, meatballs to mousakka, every plate was enjoyed (and we were rewarded with free dessert/amaretto to end our evening). The service was impeccable."

For more ideas about what to do in Greece, when to go or where to stay, get in touch with your Travel Counsellor.

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