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How We Care | Six Senses Zighy Bay

10 March 2021


How We Care | Six Senses Zighy Bay


Sustainability funds spent $9,000

Compost produced 3,000 kgs

Glass recycled 6,000 kgs

Drinking water produced 150k litres

Equivalent plastic avoided 15,000 kgs

Kgs of plastic collected from beach 2,000 kgs


New Equipment for the Girl’s School in Dibba.

We have finished phase 3 of our project with the girl’s school in Dibba in January and have provided them with 6 sets of metal and fabric Gazibos; 6 bamboo tables and 24 bamboo chairs. Despite the school’s request for plastic furniture, we went out of our way to source non-plastic furniture for them. #plasticfree2022extends to our communities as well. This would further allow the girl students to not only have an outdoor communal space but also give the teachers a platform to have outdoor classes.

We then went on to complete phase 4 of our project in February with the girl’s school in Dibba. This was an ‘only resource based’ project, where we took seeds, saplings, compost, brains and manpower from the resort and revamped an undulated terrain which is now a beautiful and growing garden. Later in the year the students will be able to harvest the produce and sell it at the local farmer’s market getting their first ever “trade” experience.

Hosts at Zighy Bay stay enthusiastic about community clean ups.

The cleanups happen every fortnite and yet our hosts stay excited about them and continue to pitch in to clean the village beach.

An Enthusiastic Aspiring Marine Biologist.

One of our young guests Syliva (aged 7) staying with us told us she wants to grow up to be a Marine Biologist. She had a plastic free, ocean themed birthday party for her 7th birthday.

The young prodigy braved the cold and our Marine Biologist, Zoe, took her snorkelling in search of some turtles. In return we got the best thank you letter.

Another Step in the Right Direction.

Our boutique team has rolled out a new range of timber toys to replace all plastic toys. A great product that is made with all sustainable materials and the same products will soon find their way to our kid’s club as well. #PlasticFree2022

Conserving Energy by Educating Hosts.

Little hints in the cafeteria to remind everyone to be conscientious.

Earth Hour 2019!

Our talented hosts put together a wonderful display to celebrate Earth Hour! We’re proud to do as much as we can for our local communities and for the environment

and #connect2earth. This was coupled with a candlelight dinner in the staff canteen where hosts hosts were encouraged to turn off their lights for an hour. We celebrated it by getting the guests and hosts at the resort to pledge to protecting the planet with their thumb print on a canvas. We also invited the kids at the resort to come down to the organic garden to learn how to care for plants and do it all themselves at home.

Environmental Education for Girls in Dibba with our Marine Biologist.

We started a weekly environmental class at the girl’s school in Dibba this March. Here we touch on topics of current environmental relevance such as marine biology, the problem with plastic, global warming, sustainable fishing etc.

We feel that this empowers the girl child and is an excellent opportunity to provide equal education to the next generation.

Cleaning the Local Village and Beach.

We organized a massive community deep clean up and pest control for our neighboring Zighy village in collaboration with the municipality, Be’ah (local waste management operator), Ministry of Environment, Police, Dibba Scouts Club, Army and volunteers from the resort. This was also covered live by the press and representatives from Oman TV. We’re very proud to be partners in community uplifting work.

Our Date Plantation Comes Alive.

We had more than 200 male flowers were sent to support Date palm tree pollination in the resort with a value of more than 1,000 OMR. The date palm tree pollination was completed in February.

Collaborating with the Local Government.

In a new project, we are assisting the local government in managing the landscape in the township of dibba and making it greener with adaptive and local species of trees.

What better place to start getting inspiration than our very own Dibba Farm!

Freeing and Rehabilitating Turtles

Zoe and our watersports team work together to free the bycatch of the Zighy fishermen by releasing turtle, rays, guitar sharks and puffer fish that get caught in their nets by accident.

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