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Exploring the great outdoors in Malta

21 February 2021

Harbour in Malta

Malta might be a small island but this little slice of paradise in the Mediterranean Sea is a delight of ancient architecture and breathtaking scenery. All surrounded by bright blue waters and dramatic cliffs that plunge into the sea.

What can you expect from a trip to Malta? Exquisite beaches and hidden coves, an incredible history that stretches back over 5,000 years and a captivating landscape made for lovers of the great outdoors. The Islands also offer glorious weather all year round - Malta has one of the mildest winters in Europe - so you can find plenty of outdoor activities even during the winter months.

Malta has an action-packed calendar of sports events during the year and whatever your hobby, you’re bound to find an event taking place here. From horse riding to sailing, cycling to marathons, you can combine your favourite hobbies with a holiday to this beautiful island.

Here, we’ve chosen a few activities to inspire you to lace up your hiking boots and explore the great outdoors in Malta…

Amble your way across the spectacular landscape

Hiking in Malta

Keen hikers won’t be disappointed with the beautiful walks they can find in Malta. The varied landscape includes rugged cliff faces, brilliant green valleys with waterfalls, and dramatic coastal routes overlooking the deep blue waters. And you’ll find walks for everyone from day hikers to intrepid adventurers hoping to spend a few days walking from spot to spot.   

Some of the areas to explore on your walks are the southern coast, Mellieħa, Dingli, Għar Lapsi, Fawwara, and Wardija. Expect to see cave chapels, sweeping landscapes of flowers and herbs.

Looking for a day hike that will delight even those who aren’t so keen on hiking? Try the tiny island of Comino. A mere 3.5sq.kms in area, Comino lies between Malta and Gozo and is almost completely uninhabited save for one hotel. The dazzling blue waters make the area popular with swimmers, divers and snorkellers in the summer months but come winter, it’s a paradise for hikers hoping for uninterrupted walks among aromatic herbs and stunning views.

Explore the island by bicycle

Landscape in Malta

One of the best ways to explore Malta and see its charms is on a bike. With cycling routes for everyone from keen cyclists to beginners, you can pedal at a gentle pace or speed your way around the narrow streets and countryside lanes. Expect spectacular sea views as you wind your way across the slopes and charming towns with historical points of interest – perfect for a rest stop!

Discover an underwater world

Scuba diving in Malta

With Malta voted the third best diving location in world by DIVE magazine in 2016, adventure-seekers should slip into scuba gear and explore the breathtaking underwater world that lies here.

Bright blue, crystal clear waters mean that you can see a huge array of marine life, and awe-inspiring rock formations and caves make for truly exciting dives. Experienced divers musn’t miss Cathedral Cave – a dome the size of London’s St Paul’s Cathedral.

Sail the dazzling, bright blue waters…

Sailing in Malta

Malta has a spectacular coastline and one of the best ways to see the diverse landscape is from the water. It doesn't matter if you’ve never set foot on a yacht before – now’s the time to learn!

From chartering a yacht to discover the picture-perfect scenery to brushing up on your sailing skills so that you can explore on your own, there are plenty of boating options.

Hoping to see yacht races while you’re in Malta? The annual Rolex Middle Sea Race takes place in October, the Comino Regatta begins in June, and the Malta-Syracuse race for keelboats is held in July.

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