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Experience luxury in France’s paradise islands

26 February 2020

There’s more to France than just the mainland; the French territories include some gorgeous sun-soaked islands that offer plenty of activities and things to see, all with beautiful hotels to boot. Why not pay a visit to one of these further-flung destinations? You won’t be disappointed.

The islands of Guadeloupe

The French Antilles are filled to the brim of personality with gorgeous beaches and plenty of sunshine, right in the heart of the Caribbean. The islands of Guadeloupe are the perfect base for some island hopping with all the islands in such proximity to each other, but with each one promising its own ambience and culture. With so many beaches there is ample opportunity for water sports, why not try canoeing or kayaking on the azure waters or discover the deeper seas with some snorkelling?

These sophisticated islands ooze Caribbean luxury, with mega-yachts lining the shores and an excellent high street and with a varied volcanic landscape there’s plenty of opportunity for walks, hikes and exploring. The Parc de la Guadeloupe is a fascinating place to explore, visit Cascades aux Ecrevisses and take a dip in the pool at the bottom of the waterfall, or head to the zoo to see everything from iguanas to cave bats.

While you’re in the French Caribbean you must try the cuisine; the modern Creole cuisine served here includes delicious fritters and sea bream. If you find yourself to the north of Martinique make sure you make a stop restaurant La Chaudière set in a tropical garden with a traditional menu.

Where to stay

Stay at eitherDes Hotels et des Iles, Manganao, Karibea or Auberge de la Vieille Tour.


New Caledonia

Located in the South Pacific New Caledonia is home to one of the world’s most pristine coral reefs and boasts many dazzling lagoons abundant with wildlife to explore. One of the top spots for sightseeing is Pont de Mouli, a bridge that allows you to cycle over the lagoon and take in the white sand beaches and sea life swimming around the waters below. Sunset drinks at Le Bodega Del Mar are a must, with its home as a stunning bay, it’s a great spot where you’ll see the best live bands in New Caledonia. 

Where to stay

Nestled between the Deva domain with its hills and valleys and the translucent blue waters, Sheraton New Caledonia Deva Spa & Golf Resort is uniquely designed and influenced by Melanesian culture and traditions. The resort offers two restaurants and bars offering a selection of dining experiences including signature restaurant Reef, a culinary immersion where you can try dishes made with the region’s rich flavours and ingredients.


An idyllic tropical island, Tahiti is perfect if you're looking for a slice of luxurious paradise. The largest island in French Polynesia, Tahiti is bewitchingly tranquil with gorgeous blue lagoons, lush palms and volcanic peaks dramatically soaring into the skies.

A visit to La Plage de Maui should be on everyone’s to-do list, this stretch of shoreline is fringed with pearly white sands, a welcome change to Tahiti’s mainly volcanic black-hued beaches. The waters are crystal clear and warm, and visitors can enjoy fresh seafood from the beach bar.

For the most luxurious dining experience make sure you get a reservation at Le Lotus restaurant, a stunning overwater gourmet offering where you can see the beauty of neighbouring island Moorea from your table. Enjoy the finest French wines and dine on entrees from spiny lobster ravioli to pan-fried veal.

Where to stay

You’ll find the perfect island paradise escape at Intercontinental Tahiti Resort and Spa. With rooms and suites designed with a distinctive Polynesian touch spread throughout the gardens and over the lagoons, these rooms are spacious havens and perfect for relaxing.

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