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EXO Foundation - exciting news!

29 August 2019

We are very happy to share some exciting news: EXO Foundation funded the development of a new, global app fighting plastic waste worldwide!

Refill My Bottle, originally started in Bali, is now expanding not just all over Asia, but worldwide! Shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars, or tourism businesses can sign up to provide refill stations for travelers and locals. They can come in, refill their bottle for free and save single-use plastic bottles.

The benefits? Less plastic bottles used, water available for everyone and new customers for the refill stations!


EXO Travel has been working with our accommodation and transportation suppliers for quite some time already to set up refill stations for our clients. But it will be much easier with the app! Clients can fill up their bottles during tours and excursions, whenever, wherever they want!

Additionally, the app will allow you to log your refills. You will know exactly how many bottles you have refilled and how many single use plastic bottles you have saved. Moreover, you can collect points, win cool prizes and connect with fellow ‘refillers’ in your area.

Easily accessed through the mobile app or website, the Refill My Bottle map shows you nearby locations where you can refill your water bottle for free or minimum fee. Look for Refill My Bottle stickers in the windows of shops, cafes, galleries and other businesses!

Refill My Bottle is also collaborating with other refill initiatives, such as Refill Not Landfill or Luang Prabang Handle with Care to share their networks of refill stations.
Share this great initiative with your friends and family, invite your suppliers to sign up and start refilling!




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