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Discover how COMO Hotels and Resorts are minimising their impact on the environment

28 February 2021

With a focus on health, fantastic food and bespoke adventures in luxurious surroundings, COMO’s collection of stunning resorts across the globe, including in the Maldives, Turks & Caicos, Indonesia and Thailand, are second-to-none when it comes to getting away from it all to focus on your mental and physical wellbeing.

Whilst each beautiful resort location is unique and faces different local challenges and opportunities for sustainability, COMO’s efforts at each destination are the same – to deliver distinct and memorable experiences for their guests to enjoy, whilst operating in the most responsible manner possible.

Reducing consumption

COMO are committed to reducing the use of precious natural resources and minimising their impact on the environment. Water and energy consumption are managed by the installation of efficient equipment and fixtures, whilst at COMO Point Yamu in Phuket, low thermal emissivity glass is used in all glass features to reduce the amount of heat that’s transmitted into the building.

As well as ongoing staff training and engagement, guests are also invited to participate in COMO’s eco-friendly initiatives, by choosing to re-use towels and linens during their stay, and shutting windows and sliding doors to conserve energy.

Sourcing locally and sustainably

COMO also have a commitment to sustainable practices, sourcing local where possible to support local producers, entrepreneurs, social enterprises and non-profit organisations. They choose these vendors not only because they offer the best and freshest produce, but also because they are proud to be pioneers of sustainable economic development within their communities.

Here are just a few of the initiatives running across the COMO collection:


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