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Cultural Retreats

28 March 2022


 Given that the last few months have largely consisted of staying at home, our thirst for new experiences has never been greater. Taking yourself to a destination with a strong cultural identity allows you to envelope yourself in a new way of life, enjoying all the flavours and customs that are offered up.


The ever-popular ‘Land of Smiles’

With such an eclectic offering, Thailand has something to entice every type of traveller but at the heart of its appeal is the country’s welcoming nature and age-old traditions that can be found across its diverse regions.

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Celebrating global events

Countless events have been casualties of the pandemic this year. Fortunately, many have been rescheduled for 2021 meaning we’ll still get to experience the spectacle, we’re just being made to wait for it.

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Elegance on Italy’s shores

Italy’s ancient history and proud traditions shape much of what we see there today. These sophisticated hotels draw influence from the country’s past to create elevated experiences for visitors.

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Seclusion in the Omani mountains

Take a dip in your private pool as you gaze out across the sparkling waters of the gulf or at the arid mountain landscape that surrounds you.

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Cultural riches of India

 Visit a startling array of world-famous attractions: from the historic Red Fort of Old Delhi, to the glimmering Golden Temple of Amritsar, the ghats of Varanasi, the desert palaces of Rajasthan, the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, the cool alpine air of Darjeeling and, of course, the immortal Taj Mahal.

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