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28 March 2022

 Many of the destinations we arrange holidays to are highly dependent on tourism and have experienced a devastating impact from the lack of international travel over the course of the pandemic to date. We’re keen to support these places when it is safe to do so. They’re some of the most magical countries in the world and we can help them get back on their feet while enjoying the warmest of welcomes.



The most popular travel destination in Asia, always a winner for its spiritual, ever-smiling, community-minded people and the overwhelming warmth of their welcome

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Constance Hotels & Resorts, Indian Ocean

Luxurious tropical-island paradises winning accolades for their sustainable practices and green initiatives, offering the likes of climbing, zip-lining and kayaking in the mangroves as ways of meeting and supporting locals.

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Zilwa Attitude, Mauritius

A funky all-inclusive with a private island accessed by motorised raft plus an Otentik Discovery programme benefitting islanders through the likes of food tours and home-cooked meals in locals’ houses.

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One of the world’s most dramatic destinations, with an array of thrilling up-close and personal encounters with natural phenomena and wildlife ranging from whales to glaciers and the shimmering Aurora Borealis.

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Come Together

If the last few months have taught us little else, they’ve reminded us of the importance and power of a community pulling together and helping each other. As a Travel Counsellor, I am part of the caring company; every day, we help one another for the benefit of our customers, drawing strength from unity and collaboration.

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