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Colorado by the numbers

24 March 2020

4 National Parks

From the sky-scraping peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park to the ancient dwellings of Mesa Verde and the mountains of sand in Great Sand Dunes and plummeting black walls of Black Canyon, Colorado’s four national parks are playgrounds for summer travelers.

8 National Monuments

Eight additional spots in the state have been preserved for their spectacular beauty and historic significance, including the newest: Browns Canyon National Monument, which was just given its prestigious designation this year.

10 Scenic & Historic Railroads

See some of Colorado’s wildest spots aboard one of our historic rail routes, many of which have fun themed trips, such as photo excursions, mystery trains, dinner treks and more.

26 Scenic & Historic Byways

One of the best ways to explore Colorado’s back roads is to hop on one of our 26 byways, all of which connect the dots between historic sites and majestic scenery. Eleven of them have also been named America’s Byways.

30 Hot Springs

One of Colorado’s most popular and relaxing natural features are our steamy, naturally heated hot springs. From luxurious resorts and spas to rustic, hike-in hideaways, there’s a mineral-rich pool waiting to soothe your soul.

41 State Parks

Crystal-clear lakes, campsites with see-forever views, hiking trails that lace through the backcountry and more await at these parks, located in every corner of the state (and all the space in between!).

58 Fourteeners

Coloradans don’t miss a chance to brag about our most prominent features. Fifty-eight peaks in Colorado rise more than 14,000 feet above sea level — that’s more than any other state in the union. Find out how you can bag a few of them this summer.

365 Feet

Colorado’s tallest waterfall, Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride, can be reached via a 4.2-mile hike and 1,650-foot elevation gain. Find it and our 10 other favorites.

960 Wildlife Species

Who in your family will get the eagle-eye award for spotting a bighorn sheep, Colorado’s state mammal? That’s the true prize on a Colorado vacation, but there are 959 others to keep an eye out for.

1,500 Ghost Towns

Mysterious remnants of Colorado’s 1800s Gold Rush are strewn about hill and dale. Walk once-bustling main streets and peek in dusty windows to imagine what life was like for the era’s intrepid explorers.

6,000 Miles of Rivers

Home to the headwaters of seven major rivers, Colorado has rapids and fishable waters for days. Discover how gravity and sunshine conspire to make our state one of the best in the nation for whitewater rafting and fishing.


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