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Adventure Holiday Inspiration for Travelling with Kids

23 June 2019

The in-built fascination of children as they gaze upon the world is one of many reasons why booking an adventure holiday as parents is routinely rewarded. Natural adventure destinations provide some of the best natural playgrounds for children to roam, with less emphasis on must-visit landmarks and more focus on all-round tangible experiences being paramount.

The adventure holiday market also caters for a range of age groups, budgets and inclinations, with guided cycling tours and cookery classes available in the same breath as more adrenaline inducing thrills such as jet skiing or rock climbing.

We have compiled a list of some of our favourite adventure destinations across the globe, combining to showcase the best travel has to offer for adventure seeking families.

Dinosaur Stampede, Lark Quarry

Jurassic Park has and continues to captivate a young audience of dinosaur fanatics, keen to discover all there is to know about the world these creatures inhabited. The Dinosaur Stampede at Lark Quarry, Queensland, offers children a unique insight into the history of dinosaurs by exploring over 3,300 dinosaur footprints as part of a dramatic re-creation of events in the area some 95 million years before.

White Water Rafting, Costa Rica

For active families looking for a water-based adventure, you would be hard pressed to beat the adrenaline fuelled rush found on Costa Rican rivers. Action packed itineraries include exploring rainforest canopies inclusive of rare insects and frog breeds, riding horses, mountain biking, and white-water rafting as children combine their interest in nature with exciting activities.

Northern Lights, Iceland

Family breaks to Iceland allow the whole family to see the spectacular natural phenomenon of the glowing light display from one of the best viewpoints in the world. This nation of many natural attractions also includes the opportunity to witness waterfalls and glaciers in forming the most interesting natural geography lesson for any child. Even older children are catered for with outdoor adventures such as sea cruising for killer whales and horse riding.

North to South Journey, Vietnam

Adventure holidays don’t necessarily have to be active, with older children particularly enjoying the experience of learning new cultures as they find out everything they can about the world around them. Family activity holidays in Vietnam allow the whole family to enjoy finding out more about this friendly and stimulating culture, with scenic drives, village visits and dragon boat rides all possible.

Mountain Trekking, Morocco

Group guided adventures allow families to explore the stunning Atlas Mountains in style, taking in such cultural gems as the Red City and Marrakesh on walking tours, while hikes through valleys and orange groves are the ideal experience for the exploratory older child or teenager.

Activity Haven Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

The picturesque Dalmatia coast in Croatia is also an adventure seeking child’s haven. Islands such as Lopud can provide many hours of fun-filled activity for families who enjoy venturing into the unknown when on holiday. From kayaking to Sunj bay for some of the world’s finest snorkelling, exploring hidden caves, to mountain biking on Sipan Island, children and young adults will find plenty to do here.

Sensational Safari, South Africa

The pinnacle family holiday for families with children of all ages must be a safari trip of a lifetime. Enjoy watching your children become speechless for arguably the first time as they gaze upon their first sightings of their favourite animals in their natural habitat. South Africa provides many family-friendly lodge destinations with dedicated kids’ activity programmes. 

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