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Seven fun museums for the whole family

25 April 2021

Museums are some of the most exciting and informative places on Earth, offering the opportunity for children to explore new things in a fun and educational environment.

But museums aren’t just for kids - they can be fun for the whole family. Here are seven of the best.

World of Coca-Cola – Georgia, United States of America

One for the sweet-toothed teenagers to enjoy, the World of Coca-Cola provides an immersive experience and interactive tour of Coca-Cola’s facilities in Downtown Atlanta. The World of Coca-Cola allows visitors to learn the real stories behind one of the world’s most-loved beverage brands, with various activities and amenities available inside the museum. Taste Coca-Cola products from across the globe at the Spectacular Soda Fountain in Club Coca-Cola, see how the popular soft drink is bottled at the bottle works and even go inside the vault where the secret recipe is stored for safe keeping.

Fram Museum – Oslo, Norway

Oslo’s Fram Museum is one of the most underrated in Europe. Dedicated to Norwegian polar expedition, it houses Fram, the famous vessel used by explorer Roald Amundsen on his voyage to the South Pole. The wooden vessel was the first to reach the pole, and visitors can hop on deck as well as explore its well-preserved interior. Kids will love the interactive exhibits and games on offer, including the chance to jump on board the ship and see life from the perspective of a sailor.

Museum of Original Figurines – Brussels, Belgium

The Museum of Original Figurines, or MOOF for short, is a celebration of the ninth art – comics. Explore this colourful universe as it documents some of the most beloved comic strip characters including the Smurfs, Asterix and Tintin through a unique collection of figurines. Playful and creative, the museum will delight young and old with a built-in theatre, interactive exhibits and video games to keep all entertained.

Tropenmuseum Junior – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Step into another world at Tropenmuseum Junior – a museum dedicated to youngsters. With a dynamic design and sensory interactivity, it gives kids an immersive, educational and fun experience. Tropenmuseum also organises regular temporary exhibitions on various countries around the world, promoting and highlighting other cultures as well as encouraging tolerance.

Basel Paper Mill – Basel, Switzerland

Once a Mecca of papermaking, Basel has a museum entirely dedicated to the craft. Spread out over four floors in the building of this medieval paper mill, its various exhibits detail the history of paper and its significance throughout history. On display are various crafting techniques the whole family can experience in hourly workshops, while visitors can get creative and write their own messages using quills and ink pots.

Istanbul Toy Museum – Istanbul, Turkey

The Istanbul Toy Museum is a unique museum which appeals to anyone young enough to enjoy the showcased toys or old enough to appreciate the nostalgia. With artefacts dating back to the early 19th century, the collection boasts over 4,000 unique toys and gives a great insight into an entertaining world.

Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines – Moscow, Russia

The Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines in Moscow provides a time machine into Soviet childhood as it’s packed with some of the first arcade machines ever created in Russia. Since opening in 2007, visitors of all ages have flocked to this palace of fun to get their nostalgic gaming fix, leading to the opening of another branch of the museum in Saint Petersburg.

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