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5 Reasons why you need a myTC account

06 May 2021

Introducing you to your virtual Travel Counsellor – myTC. We know how important your Travel Counsellors is to you for all your travel plans. With myTC you can take your Travel Counsellor on holiday with you – in a virtual sense anyway! As an extension of the personalised service offered to you by your TC, we also offer myTC. A seamless, tailored booking and travel experience across our mobile app and secure website-


View your booking itinerary details, documentation and vouchers online

How does myTC work? myTC provides personalised information about all your bookings and enquiries. During your travels, myTC provides access to all your travel documentation and itineraries, even when you are offline. You can also contact your Travel Counsellor anytime, anywhere at the touch of a button. It could not be easier!

Want to let your friends and family know about your holiday? With myTC you can share your journey with others on social media. And if you would like to shout about the fantastic service you received from your Travel Counsellor, you can share their contact details with your friends and family too.

Receive future holiday quotes, "like" and use the "request booking" feature all from your myTC account at the click of a button. Amongst the abovementioned benefits, there are lots of other useful features such as: a countdown timer to your trip, receiving future holiday quotes, and the ability to share your travel preferences with your travel counsellor.


Make secure payments 

You can make fast, secure compliant payments on existing bookings, and make initial payments towards any enquiries your Travel Counsellor may be working on. Payments can also be made by a person who is not the lead name on the booking by using the "Guest Payment" function.



All your travel in one place. Use the filter to separate your Business trips and leisure travel.

 myTC is not only for leisure customers. Corporate customers can use both the myTC app and in the same way as a leisure customer, with a few added features. When your booking is synced to your myTC account, both the booker and traveler receive the information automatically. Both the booker and traveler can also make payments towards a booking. When viewing bookings within your myTC account on the app, the corporate client can filter the view between their leisure and corporate bookings.


Customers with Honeymoon Registry accounts can benefit from having a myTC account

  If you have a Honeymoon Registry account setup with your Travel Counsellor, you can manage your Honeymoon Registry within your myTC account. You can see contributions and best wishes, amend your personal welcome and thank you message or change your picture. (This functionality is only available via and cannot be managed within the app currently).

How are contributions made? As part of the Honeymoon Registry literature, guests are provided with a link to use which will direct them to From here they can make a Gift Payment without needing to have a myTC account. They simply need the relevant file number in order start the Gift Payment process.


Last but not least, it’s so easy to use! 

With its simple, intuitive design built for travelers and travel bookers, you can easily navigate your way around your myTC account. Detailed hotel information – maps, photographs, videos, and more. It could not be more straightforward. All your enquiries, bookings, payments, documentation in one place – accessible on your phone and your laptop!


Contact your personal Travel Counsellor who can set you up with your myTC password so you can access all your booking documents today.

Download our myTC from Google Play or AppStore

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