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Get to know Jamaica

14 April 2019

Nestled comfortably right in the middle of the Caribbean, Jamaica truly is a sparkling gem of an island that provides a welcome feeling of escape. Ideal for families and exploration of new levels of luxury and excitement, Jamaica boasts a variety of different options. When you think of Jamaica, you might think of beaches, bikinis, and sunshine. You’d be absolutely right, but there’s a whole world of wonder beyond the beach. With something for everyone, it’s just waiting to be discovered.

The famous Blue Mountains are a perfect example. If you’re feeling energetic, you can conquer these spectacular peaks with the added bonus of seeing Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee plantations, nestled into the hills 5,000ft above sea level. Those who make the 7,500ft hike to the peak are rewarded with breathtaking views of over a hundred miles.

Or if you feel like something a bit more relaxing, why not take a bamboo raft down the scenic Martha Brae River, where you’ll experience the peaceful serenity of the Jamaican landscape.

Keeping with the water theme, why not dive into the deep end with a dip in Port Antonio’s 200ft deep Blue Lagoon. Or, you can head to Dunn’s River Falls and climb the stunning 600ft waterfall. One of Jamaica’s national treasures, it’s scattered with a series of miniature pools, providing the perfect place to relax as you make the leisurely climb to the top.



All of this physical activity isn’t without reward though. When the sun goes down, there’s a world of food and night-life to keep you entertained. Sample the world famous Jamaican Jerk Chicken, and experience authentic Jamaican Rum. In fact, you can take the Appleton Estate Rum Tour and get an inside look at the 18th century style rum making process that’s still in use today.

A trip to Jamaica simply wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Bob Marley Museum located inside his former home. It’s the ultimate place to celebrate the life and music of the Father of Reggae, whose music resonates within the heart of every Jamaican. It’s this genre of music that echoes throughout the island, in bars, restaurants and out on the street. Soak it up and drink it in. This is the home of Reggae, and Jamaicans aren’t shy about sharing their love of it.

River Tubing Safari 2

Jamaica has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so why not experience them in a slightly different way? Take a beach horse riding expedition that gives you the sheer feeling of freedom as you ride along the sand, and in the Caribbean sea.

The people and culture within Jamaica are some of the world’s friendliest which means it’s not just the breath-taking views you can enjoy, it’s the company too! Imagine a picture perfect postcard; crystal clear waters and white sands fringed by palms and you have Jamaica. Plus you can indulge in the lively beach bars serving up jerk chicken to Bob Marley beats. Inland, meanwhile, hidden waterfalls, banana plantations and soaring mountains will catch your eye and are perfect for family adventures. 

The island has a rich history with stunning age-old mansions and 18th-century plantations – visit the Rose Hall Great House, Good Hope or the Greenwood Great House near Montego Bay, or the Devon House Mansion built buy Jamaica’s first black millionaire, sitting on 11 acres in the island’s capital city. The activities you can try here are endless, treks, quad biking, diving, boat trips, guided tours – you name it! Whether you want to lose yourself in nature or treat yourself in superb pampering, there is something to suit everyone. Families have a variety of options to try out whilst in Jamaica, more culture and history lead trips and exciting, active excursions

Jamaica’s optimal location in the middle-of-the-Caribbean means it enjoys balmy temperatures all year round. The summer months are the hottest, with temperatures topping 30 degrees. Here you can indulge in relaxation, pampering and luxury in a truly remarkable setting. Jamaica offers travellers the best of both worlds bringing nature and luxury together.


Jamaica is also the perfect place to get married. It’s private and makes for the ideal spot to spend some meaningful time with your loved ones, escaping every day life. Jamaica is one of the most romantic spots on earth which means that locals there know exactly what is needed to make your dream day come true. This destination is a wedding and a honeymoon in one, so you can extend your wedding into a romantic adventure, starting your life together in pure bliss. 

This is just a taste of the diverse experiences that Jamaica has to offer. Combined with the warmth and friendliness of the locals, it promises to be an escape from everyday life you’ll never forget.


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