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Discover your next adventure in New England

14 April 2019

Discover New England, the stunning region that represents the six American states of Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont. New England is a genuine ‘four-season’ destination; autumn is world-famous for romantic fall foliage, while winter is perfect for British travellers keen on skiing, boarding, and other fun winter sports. Spring is ideal for quiet touring and New England summers are renowned for visits to hot, sandy beaches; sailing trips around scenic islands; hiking in the mountains, and dockside lobster dinners.


New England is under seven hours flying from the UK and so is easily accessible whether you’re a couple or a family, and it also has easy drivable roads for you to explore at your leisure. If you think a holiday to the vast USA states is a little intimidating then this is the perfect starting point. New England is fairly small in comparison, so is a fantastic choice for a first experience of the USA.


History Fanatics

Spend a few days in the historic city of Boston, Massachusetts, with its fine restaurants, superb shopping, rich history and fascinating museums. The region was one of the earliest English settlements in the “New World” following the arrival of the Pilgrim Fathers, who set sail from England aboard the Mayflower in 1620 in search of religious freedom. Make sure you also visit the living history museum, Plimouth Plantation, which shows the original settlement of the Plymouth Colony established in the 17th century by English colonists, who later became known as Pilgrims. Mingle with costumed role players who re-enact life in colonial America, and immerse yourself in this fantastic historic tale. If you want to escape into a beautiful, tranquil environment then make sure you visit the quaint coastal town of Newport. Here you will find summer homes of America’s original billionaires. These mansions can be viewed on guided tours and give a real slice of the area’s history. 


Outdoor Adventurers

Explore a wide choice of scenery – mountains and lakes, beaches and harbours, forests and pastures – New England offers a vast range of landscapes for you to enjoy. Why not try hiking and biking in the mountains in Vermont or walk beside a waterfall at Flume Gorge in New Hampshire? You could go sailing aboard a windjammer in Maine or even try your hand at riding the rapids! The wildlife in New England is incredibly diverse and ranges from whales and dolphins to thousands of species of birds and wild moose. Moose photo safaris are available in New Hampshire and Maine and are the best and most exciting way to view these shy giants.



Romantic country inns, fine restaurants, superb fine dining; New England offers a wealth of gastronomic treats to satisfy any palette. If you’re a fan of microbreweries then this is the perfect spot to explore, learn and indulge – Vermont has the most microbreweries per capita of any state in the USA! New England also has a fantastic reputation for its lobster, maple syrup, blueberries, cranberries and creameries so make sure you add these to your list of foods to sample. Head to Connecticut, New England’s southernmost state, to explore an amazing wine trail through a collection of 20 unique vineyards!



Families will love the outdoor activities available in New England with everything from whale watching, children’s amusement parks, interactive museums and thrilling rides. The diverse mix of countryside exploration and city excitement makes for the perfect family break, no matter what age the kids are!

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