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If you’re a lover of paradise beaches lifted fresh from the pages of a holiday brochure, the 115 islands which make up the Seychelles are blessed with hundreds of them. Beyond the beach, there’s no shortage of scenic hikes and the turquoise shallows are a snorkeler’s dream. So leave your stresses and worries on the plane, and prepare for the holiday of a lifetime.


Honeymooning couples from across the world descend on the beautiful Seychelles in their thousands to enjoy the rarest of holidays – one which promises much, but still manages to exceed expectations on every front. With vivacious greenery opening to glistening white beaches which feel as soft as talc between the toes, and warm crystal clear waters beyond, it’s the sheer implausibility of such a perfect beach environment which leaves so many visitors awestruck.

The Seychelles excels in relaxation, but the destination is certainly not one-dimensional in its attractiveness. The capital of Mahe is home to an impressive selection of adventure pursuits, and hiking through the jungle island interior is sure to create some lifelong memories. But it’s the snorkelling and swimming on offer in the surrounding shallows which prove irresistible to many, with gentle waves concealing an explosion of colour in the reefs and sealife, just waiting to be explored.

It’s little surprise that some exceptional holiday resorts have developed around such a winning combination of natural splendour and excellent activities. First class facilities and flawless hospitality are the preserve of some of the Seychelles’ most exclusive spots, but in recent years the appeal of this archipelago has broadened – with some delightful and affordable accommodation to extend the warmest of welcomes to you!

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