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Though the island nation is geographically small, the sweeping landscapes seem immense to awestruck visitors taking in the jagged mountain peaks, rolling hills, sparkling beaches, scenic fjords, raging rivers and pristine lakes that make up the stunning scenery of New Zealand.

New Zealand is an adventures paradise, with opportunities to try activities like scuba diving, hot air ballooning, rock climbing, and other extreme sports; especially in adrenaline-packed Queenstown, the 'extreme sport capital of the world'.

Yet the urban life and culture of New Zealand is just as fascinating, with the traditions of both Maori warriors and British settlers playing a part in everyday life. Major cities like Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington have excellent restaurants and nightlife to entertain the most determined partiers, and fascinating museums and cultural attractions to satiate the NZD 20 billion tourism economy.

Located seemingly at the end of the world, the long flight to New Zealand is off-putting for many travellers, however the rich rewards of a holiday spent in the 'land of the long white cloud' are immeasurable.

Best time to visit New Zealand

The weather in New Zealand is fairly temperate all year round, though the south of the country gets cold in the winter. The western sides of the islands tend to be very rainy, while the eastern parts are shielded from ocean winds by the mountain ranges. Most locals and overseas tourists take a New Zealand holiday in December, January and February, crowding most beach destinations. The best time to visit New Zealand is in spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) when the temperatures are moderate.

What to see in New Zealand

- Take a tour of film sites from The Lord of the Rings

- See the huge collection of Maori artefacts at the Auckland Museum

- Watch the sun set from a yacht in the Hauraki Gulf Islands

- Take a scenic ride in the Christchurch Gondola. Read more about New Zealand Attractions

What to do in New Zealand

- Go kayaking in Milford Sound

- Try extreme sports like bungy jumping, white-water rafting and paragliding in Queenstown

- Go hiking on the Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers

- Scuba dive in the coves of the Bay of Islands. Read more about New Zealand Activities


Here's a small snapshot about on what New Zealand can offer you, so you can make sure you come home with amazing memories, instead of a bunch of those dreaded what ifs!



There must be something in the Kiwi psyche which makes them seek danger at every possible turn, so it’s no surprise that some of New Zealand’s most popular attractions revolve around bungee jumping and skydiving. Face your fears and give it a go!



Take the opportunity to head out off the New Zealand coast in a boat for some of the world’s most reliable waters for whale and dolphin watching. You’re also far enough south for penguin colonies, a characterful bird that never fails to raise a smile!



The Maori have impacted on almost every area of New Zealand life, from song, dance and art through to the All Blacks – the world’s most feared and formidable rugby union side. No visit to New Zealand is complete without at least one haka!



New Zealand has gained a reputation as Hollywood’s grandest film set. With the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies based in the country, it’s clear that only New Zealand’s staggering natural beauty could ever hope to breathe life into Tolkien’s words.

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