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Valletta, the capital city of Malta, has grown into a position among the most popular of European cities, leaving behind its reputation as a delightful day trip for Malta’s beachgoers and emerging as a fantastic destination in its own right. Valletta is the European Capital of Culture for 2018 – and the city is already celebrating!

Soaked in sunshine and with glittering views over the azure Mediterranean, Valletta enjoys a privileged backdrop which plays no small part in creating its famously laidback ambience. Valletta shows that a city doesn't have to bustle along at a mile a minute. And less than a square kilometre in size, it makes for a wonderful leisurely city break if you love plenty to see and do but also the peace to hear yourself think. Valletta is a haven for history buffs, seasoned shopper and culture vultures alike.

Few cities in Europe offer the same rewards as Valletta for those who wish to wander aimlessly and see where they end up. Discover sun-dappled squares and admire the art and architecture all around you. You’ll also stumble upon the kind of historic attractions which led UNESCO to list the whole of the city as a World Heritage Site. Take a trip to the Upper Barrakka gardens, visit the ornate Grand Master’s Palace or see Caravaggio’s only signed work at the St John Co-Cathedral.

Foodies will be delighted by Valletta’s eclectic mix of restaurants. Valletta is a hub of bustling eateries and wine bars, many of which showcase Malta’s local traditional specialities and distinctive influences, while using modern techniques, styles and the finest ingredients. Alternatively, you can take a stroll along the Valletta waterfront amongst the super yachts to sample the Maltese wines and enjoy beautiful local delicacies al fresco. With direct flights from all over the UK, Valletta couldn’t be easier to reach for a stolen weekend in the sun.


Here's a small snapshot about on what Malta can offer you, so you can make sure you come home with amazing memories, instead of a bunch of those dreaded what ifs



Malta is the largest island of the Maltese archipelago, but the ‘little sister’ of Gozo is every bit as astounding if not moreso. A tranquil rural idyll, the Azure Window and the stunning beach of Ramla Bay are among its finest features – with a cuisine to die for!



The food in Malta is unpretentious and packed with wonderful combinations of flavour, with influences from all corners of the Med. In virtually every town or village you’ll be able to find incredible dishes, with Maltese sausage and delicately spiced rabbit dishes among the local specialities on the menu.



Malta’s heritage is extraordinary given the island’s size. There are Neolithic sites among the oldest in human history, and since then, there have been Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Crusaders all leaving their indelible marks across the islands. With a break in Valletta, you can’t walk far without tripping over historic wonders.



As a rule, the coastline of northern Malta is beautifully sandy, with the southern coast characterised by extraordinary cliffs with sheer drops, with a collection of stunning natural coves and harbours to discover and explore. Gozo’s rolling green hills give another dimension to Malta’s appeal. 

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