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London has been a cosmopolitan city for centuries, a rich tapestry built up over a timescale that spans civilisations. No other city in the world can compete with London for its historical heritage – but it’s certainly not a city chained to its past. With one of the most vibrant cultural scenes of any world city, extraordinary ethnic diversity and a reputation for endless innovation, London is as important today as it ever was.

Instantly recognisable from its exhaustive list of famous landmarks, London has instant appeal for millions of visitors flooding into the city each year. You’ll find the history of the Tower of London and Westminster Cathedral, as well as the majesty of Buckingham Palace and the dazzling modernity of The Shard. With open spaces such as Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus, you’ll have plenty of chance to hone your photography skills!

World famous museums and galleries can call London home, from institutions such as the National Gallery and the British Museum through to the endlessly fascinating Tate Modern. London enjoys a cultural landscape as rich and varied as any other city, but with London, the subcultures are every bit as iconic. Whether it’s mods or punks, Londoners have always succeeded in putting their stamp on the global cultural map.

London is as celebrated for its green space as it is for its urban sprawl. While you’re sat in Hyde Park watching the world go by, it’s quite easy to forget you’re in one of Europe’s most populous cities. When it comes to dining in style, London has a choice beyond compare – from impressive pubs to the biggest names in world cuisine. From the best shopping to the most luxurious hotels, London still makes plenty of noise!

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