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One of the birthplaces of western civilisation, Greece is a land of culture, history and remarkable beauty. Explore spectacular golden beaches and sun-soaked islands. Dine at cosy tavernas and discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s a land suitably fit for the gods.

One of the true joys of a Greek holiday – as over 13 million tourists a year know full well – is that there’s an island for every kind of escape. If you’re searching for a blissful slice of paradise, you’ll be well served by Kefalonia or Halkidiki on the mainland. Head to Kos or Zante for nightlife, or Crete to explore thousands of years of history.

No one visit could possibly include all of Greece’s historic and cultural treasures. Marvel at the Acropolis in Athens, towering over a thrilling European capital city. Discover Delphi and Olympia, ancient wonders surrounded by lush green landscapes thriving beneath hot sunshine. And no visit to Crete would be complete without a tour of Knossos, its Minoan capital. The scale and density of Greece’s historic attractions is beyond compare.

While Greece does have fabulous set piece destinations, idyllic beaches and an enchanting mix of sleepy and vibrant towns, getting out into the Greek countryside is an experience not to be missed. Olive-scented air and the chirp of crickets accompany spectacular panoramas, ranging from clifftop views to awe-inspiring gorges. Also if you get the opportunity, never turn down a boat trip – Greece was made to be experienced from the water!


Here's a small snapshot about on what Greece can offer you, so you can make sure you come home with amazing memories, instead of a bunch of those dreaded what ifs!


Greek food has a passionate following all around the world, but it’s never quite as delectable as it is when it’s experienced on an al fresco terrace under the Greek sunshine. Alongside feta salads and moussaka, try the gyros and souvlakia for fast and incredibly tasty treats.


While you can almost certainly expect warm sunshine on any holiday to Greece, there is some fluctuation which it pays to be aware of. Rhodes and the Cyclades islands are particularly fierce in peak summer, while the Ionian group tend to be more merciful with plenty of shade available.


Athens is as cosmopolitan today as it was at the heights of Ancient Greek civilisation, and its crowning glory of the Parthenon provokes as much amazement now as then. Be sure to make time to explore the stylish boutiques and great modern restaurants, among other legacies of the 2004 Olympics.


Stunning in every season, rich in history and with some delightful villages and towns to explore, Crete is a holiday destination which delivers on every front. From the exclusive coast of Elounda to Malia’s nightlife, the beautiful Samaria National Park to the majestic site of Knossos, there really is something for everyone in Crete.

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