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Canada is the second biggest country in the world, but it’s hardly known for throwing its weight around. Unassuming and modest, Canada boasts exhilarating natural wonders and cities which capture the hearts of all who are lucky enough to arrive.

Canada covers time zones in a way that most countries cover states and shires. With such vast scale, each of Canada’s ten provinces has a uniqueness of character which is a joy to behold – and in the case of Quebec, it feels like you’re moving into another country altogether! Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary are just a few of the cities which beg to be explored.

With such astounding beauty and diversity in its wildernesses, no visit to Canada is complete without finding a way to get out of the cities and explore. Banff and Jasper National Parks are particularly unmissable, with lakes, glaciers, icefields and hot springs to marvel at – and just in case you were thinking of leaving for New York, the small matter of Niagara Falls stands in your way!

If you’re a fan of wildlife, you’ll find everything from moose to polar bear, and plenty of organised tours taking you out there to witness the true grandeur of Canada. Many of Canada’s top attractions are centred on its peerless natural beauty, but from Toronto’s CN Tower to Montreal’s Place d’Armes, Canada’s urban side is as striking as anywhere you could care to mention.

Here's a small snapshot about on what Canada can offer you, so you can make sure you come home with amazing memories, instead of a bunch of those dreaded what ifs!


While asking for ‘Canadian food’ might result in quizzical looks, Canada isn’t lacking in some fantastic regional specialties sure to delight the palate. In Vancouver, expect exceptional scallops. Quebec is quintessentially French, with a great range of cheeses. And fast food fans certainly won’t want to leave without at least one portion of poutine!


Canada can be cold. So cold that in the winter months, many regions are absolute no-go areas due to treacherous snow. But the same reliable snow cover gives rise to one of Canada’s most popular destinations – Whistler, one of the largest and best equipped ski resorts in North America.


Canada is North America’s largest country by far, packed with natural wonders bordering on the unbelievable. Much of the country lies within the Arctic Circle, enjoying ethereal entertainment from the dazzling Northern Lights. More terrestrial spectacles include the rugged Rocky Mountains and the jaw-dropping scale of Niagara Falls.


Canadians are famously friendly and tolerant, with two of the most cosmopolitan and free-spirited cities in the world in Vancouver and Toronto. But pretty much every major city is a melting pot of world influences, manifesting in incredible food and thrilling output across practically every one of the arts.

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