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Barcelona has everything demanded of a fascinating, cosmopolitan world city – and goes one further by adding a beach! Whether your cathedral of choice is the Sagrada Familia or the Camp Nou, the city boasts some truly majestic architecture. But as with all the best destinations, the greatest joys will come from stumbling across your own discoveries, or simply allowing the verve and vigor of this exhilarating city to wash over you.

Evocative and passionate, Barcelona has always held the ability to bewitch its visitors. As the capital of Catalonia, a region with a hard-wired sense of its own identity, Barcelona has evolved on its own lines. Independently pursuing excellence in art, culture, food, sport and technology, you really get the sense that everyone in this city is pulling together to achieve great things. It’s a dynamism which you’ll find truly utterly irresistible!


Barcelona is the perfect city to explore on foot, with beautiful squares and parks, public buildings which are stylish as well as functional, and unassuming eateries serving up incredible food. Explore the beautiful market of La Bouqueria, in the heart of the La Rambla district. Take the time to visit the Museu Picasso, where the building is as much a work of art as the exhibits. Or contribute to the famous Camp Nou roar for a La Liga match.

There’s as much to love about Barcelona’s surroundings as the heart of the city itself. Barceloneta Beach is usually bustling, so it pays to venture a little further down the coastline if you’re looking to catch some rays. For a jaunt into the country, the Montserrat mountain range will never disappoint – and just a short journey southwest you’ll find the town of Sitges, a laid-back seaside town famed for its film festival. 

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