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Santorini from Sunrise to Sunset

Abdo Basmaji on 15 July 2016

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There is something about Santorini ! The ultra famous volcanic rock in the Mediterranean has always been a place where life, love and art thrive.

I made my way out of the small busy airport and met my friend the expert guide; she smiled and asked if I was ready for a holiday like no other! We drove to the nearby Kamari town, where countless sea view restaurants and bars stretch along the black sand beach, The airplanes fly ridiculously close the beach here before landing; it can be amusing if you like watching those big birds.

A mountain separates Kamari from Perissa town where another long beach keeps you busy, If you are in Perissa and thinking lunch, Think Tranquilo Bar, They serve probably the biggest and most delicious fresh salad you could ever come along, when we got back to Kamari it was the time for an afternoon siesta at my white and blue strips home, It can be really hot during summer time, but keep the window open, Santorini is known for being windy, so the breeze will do magic.

At night we walked through the market towards the open air cinema, The small site was so beautifully designed to enjoy a classy film experience, be on time, you might want to catch a seat at the first row, those seats are sun beds like seats for even more comfortable feeling.

Our next day started at Milopetra bakery just outside Kamari, we had some delicious biscuits and frappe, after breakfast we pushed our quad bikes though the hills and reached the Red Beach at the south of the island, The walk into the beach can be a little rough but absolutely worth it. There are small boats and yachts if you fancy some sailing around.

Our next stop was the south west corner of the island at the Aktrotiri Lighthouse which stands at a rocky high hill and facing the open sea, a perfect spot for taking some pictures or practicing yoga.

The island center has many vineyards and traditional places that take you away from the touristy hubs. Pyrgos is one of them with beautiful alleys and perfect Greek food experience, try Metaxi Mas restaurant at Exo Gonia on the way from Pyrgos down the hill towards Kamari, or head to the nearby Santo winery which offers great views and wine tasting experience with live music background.

Moving forward with our journey to Santorini west, the cliff side of the island where Fira town the bustling heart, and Imerovigli home of the luxury hotels, both stand on top and the path through these villages offer some of most attractive picture frames in the world, sometimes you don’t need many colors to create an astonishing beauty, just a blue sea, dark brown rocks, and messy mixture of white little buildings..

There are endless shops and entertainment here, mainly around the main road, and when the night comes Fira town can be even more crowded and noisy as people fled from around the island for the long lasting nightlife. Art lovers will find some great galleries around here, with magnificent classical or contemporary hand crafted pieces made by local materials of wood, ceramic and textile.

Sunset in Santorini is the island's and nature's finest art, The prime viewing location is Oia. The romantic town host an all time packed theatre of that eternal show. If you wish to have a front seat and satisfying screen, you may need to arrive hours before the queen sun dives into the sea, while if you wish for quieter and romantic spot then head back to the lighthouse, my favorite sunset spot, unbelievably spectacular.

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