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Six Senses Ibiza

Prices from AED43,202 for 2 Adults



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Departure Date: 25/07/2021

In this world of disconnection, reconnection doesn’t happen on its own. You have to define how you want to connect. First of all inside yourself, but also outwards, to the people and world around you. That’s why we’re inviting you on a journey of discovery through your body, mind and heart to rekindle your relationships with each other and love for the natural world.

When you travel to Six Senses on the northern tip of Ibiza, you not only arrive at a destination, you travel to a different frequency.

Escape to a crystalline Cala Xarraca, where the 116 guest accommodations, townhouses, pool suites and beachfront caves are a meaningful setting for deep spiritual experiences rooted in the local culture, celebrating music, art, sustainable fashion, wellness and spirituality that has become synonymous with the island.

There is something sublime in locally grown, organic dining. There is something even more splendid in actively planting it, picking it and learning to cook it.

Their Farm at Six Senses Ibiza is a 400-year-old olive press and agricultural estate, where guests can take part in growing their own food and guest chefs drop in to share their culinary secrets and host pop-up events. The farm’s abundance of fresh produce supplies the resort’s restaurants, café and juice bar.

Nothing in Ibiza is too far away. The resort is beautifully secluded yet only an easy 35-minute drive from Ibiza’s international airport, which in itself is around a 2-hour flight from most major European cities.

What's Included

Prices based on 2 Adults at Six Senses Ibiza in a Hideaway Deluxe room on half-board basis. Check in 25th July 2021 for 7 nights. International flights are not included. Subject to availability. Give me a call for further details.

Prices from AED43,202 for 2 Adults

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