Best of Saudi Arabia - 6 Nights

Prices from AED20,800 per person

Saudi Arabia has not been known as a holiday destination in Europe until late 2019, when the country opened its doors for tourism and made the visa formalities easier. Traditionally known for as one of the world’s biggest oil producers and for the holy Muslim cities of Mecca and Medina, dates and camels; Saudi Arabia also has 5 UNESCO Heritage Sites, 3 deserts, a hospitable population, numerous archaeological sites and natural attractions.

For a first discovery of the country, we offer a 7-day

tour around the themes discovery & culture and which includes 4 of the UNESCO Heritage sites: the old city of Jeddah; the first capital Dir’iyah, next to Jeddah; the rock art in Jubbah and of course the

Nabatean site of Hegra (Mada’in Saleh), the sister city of Petra in Jordan and once an important trading hub on the caravan routes across the Peninsula.

Day 1: Riyadh

Arrival in Riyadh.

Departure to old Riyadh with King Abdul Aziz Historical Area with the national museum where you learn more about the history and unification of Saudi Arabia. Continue to Masmak Fortress, the mud-clay fortress which was the base of the unification battles of Saudi Arabi and which was converted into a museum in the 1990s. In Modern Riyadh Al Faisaliah and Kingdom Towers dominate the landscape. Transfer to the hotel for overnight.

Day 2: Riyadh – Ha’il - Jubbah

Transfer to the airport for the morning flight to Ha’il. Departure to Jubbah, UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its impressive rock carvings that are believed to date back to 5500 BC. Carvings include a variety of animals, such as elephants, buffalo and from a later period camels and other domesticated animals. Return to Ha’il for the visit of the forts of Al Qishlah – down in the city - and Airif, onstructed on a hill overlooking the city. Visit to the souk in the old city. Transfer to the hotel for overnight.

Day 3: Ha’il – Al-'Ula

Departure to Al Ula. Al Ula is characterised by its attractive natural scenery marked by the reddish sandstone inselbergs carved by natural agencies into beautiful and attractive shapes. Sand dunes and inselbergs combined to form a wonderful display of thrilling nature. With its multiple archaeological sites, it is the highlight of a visit to Saudi Arabia. Photostop at Elephant Rock. Overnight in Al Ula.

Day 4: Al Ula

A full day for the discovery of the archaeological remains of the

area in and around Al ‘Ula, with Dadan & Jebel Ikmah and of

course Hegra. Visit Hegra (UNESCO World Heritage), the second city of the Nabateans after Petra in Jordan, on the caravan route between

Makkah and Petra. The structure of the city has influences from

Mesopotamia, Egypt as well as Greek-Roman. The remains of the city include over 90 tombs that were carved out in the rocks, of which three or four are visited. Hegra lost its importance on the caravan routes once the naval route to Yemen had been established by the Romans. Only 4% of the biblical site of Dadan has been excavated, but the organised structure of the city is clearly

visible, and the inscriptions found document the political and societal organisation of the kingdom. Jebel Ikmah, situated in a desert canyon, is an open library of petroglyphs and inscriptions. Overnight in Al Ula

Day 5: Al-'Ula - Medina

Departure to Medina, one of the holy cities for Muslims. We travel via the old Hejaz Railway, which was originally built by the Ottomans to reduce the travel time for pilgrims from Damascus to Makkah but was never finished beyond Medina. The construction of the line was a controversial project with the Arabs suspecting the Ottomans of using the transportation of pilgrims as a pretext for more political and military purposes. The railway was forever made famous by TE Lawrence by his attacks and sabotage during WWI. Several stations can be visited today, among them the station of Al ‘Ula, which was the last one where fresh water could be taken before reaching Medina. Arrival in Medina for discovery of the city. Drive to Mt Uhud for a view over the city.

Day 6: Medina – Jeddah

Departure to the Red Sea coast and continue south toward Jeddah. Free afternoon in Jeddah to enjoy shopping or a stroll along the Corniche to soak up the sea air. Overnight in Jeddah.

Day 7: Jeddah

In the morning, we head over to the coastal road, the Corniche, that is lined with sculptures over a length of 30 kms. Visit the open-air sculpture museum and (from the outside) to Fatima-Al-Zahra Mosque, which is built in the sea and is nicknamed the Floating Mosque. Continue to the House of Islamic Arts, a new museum inaugurated on the National Day in 2021, showcasing pieces of 15 centuries of Islamic art. Departure to visit Al Balad, the old and historic part of Jeddah, which is registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site; with its narrow lanes and merchant houses, Naseef House (outside) and Souq Al Alawi. Transfer to the airport for the flight out

Terms and Conditions:

Rate per person in double sharing - 3 star hotels for travel period, March 2023 until October 2023. Included in the rates,visits with English speaking guide in Jeddah, Riyadh, Medina and Hail. Accommodation for 4 nights in bed and breakfast and for 2 nights in Al Ula in dinner, bed and breakfast. Transportation in Suv (2-3 pax), Toyota Hice (4-6 pax) and Coaster for 7+ pax. Visits with entrance fees with local English-speaking guide per site. VAT and municipality taxes as valid in February 2022. Local taxes and municipality fees. Saudi Arabia is a new destination, site opening hours and accessibility may change at any given time. Up to date information will be shared at the time of booking. Up to date domestic flight times and flight rates will be shared at the time of booking. Subject to availability. Give me a call for further details.

Prices from AED20,800 per person

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